Mentally Gone

I had a long weird day at work yesterday and I was hoping a good night’s sleep would set my head straight, but it didn’t. Maybe I am still jet lagged or maybe I’m still just on vacation mode. Who knows?

What I do know is that I woke up bracing to face Fran.

You know you are struggling in the warm-up when you try jumping pull-ups from a 35# plate and Coach AJ come by and adds a 45# plate under your feet. I’m vertically challenged and the struggle for pull-ups is real! #truestory

Skill: Power clean 6×3 E90s

Originally, I was gonna aim for 85# on my 6th set. Even though I was a bit tired, I figured, maybe I could go for 90#? I managed my first 2 reps beautifully with maybe a slight early elbow bend in the pull (according to Coach AJ) and I was getting tired. I didn’t dip low enough to catch the bar in the proper position and I landed it on my boobs, instead of on my collar bone. Needless to say it knocked the wind out of me and I dropped the bar then and there. I was working on catching my breath and stopping the dizziness that had begun when Coach AJ came to check up on me. I didn’t try again and got my stuff ready for Fran. I also realized that 90# used to be my 1RM and I had done 2 successfully before failing my 3rd rep… Food for thought.

WOD: Fran

I was tempted to try my pull-ups with the red band only, but then thought better and added the purple one as well. I also toyed with the idea (for a very brief time) of trying the thrusters at 65#, but then revised that down to 55#. I was already tired and dropped one bar today. No need to try to repeat that a second time around.

I’m not quite sure what happened to me, but I clocked out mentally during the WOD. I don’t go into negative self-talk, I don’t repeat my mantra (“one more rep, just one more rep”), I just zone out. I don’t care about where I’m at and how long I’m taking. I’m just not in the moment. It’s a weird place to be and I’ve felt that way on Wednesday as well. I was talking to Tracey and she said it was because of my vacation and I just need some time to get back into the rhythm of things. I was in the first heat and I was so slow, that people from the second heat were finishing their 21 thrusters before I was done with my round of 9. Oh well! I got to the pull-up bar and finished my 9 reps painfully. My time was 12:21. I had done it back in December 2014 with the same modifications, but using the box to get onto the pull-up bar and finished in 12:03. I was hoping to beat that time today, but it didn’t happen. Still, Bo thought it was pretty good to do Fran so close to my PR time not even a week after coming back from vacation.

I felt just Meh! about it all and made my way home. I showered and could feel a nice little egg on my chest where I landed the bar and it had started to bruise up nicely. Whoops! I’ll have to camouflage those bruises tonight as we are going to a birthday party for a little while before putting the girls to bed.

Bruising up nicely!

Bruising up nicely!

We went to play mini-golf with the girls this morning before going to look at patio furniture in town, but the sales are crap and we didn’t find the “perfect bench” for our front porch. Next year, maybe.

We came back home after lunch and I cleaned up our entire bedroom (ceilings, walls, mouldings, etc) as well as go through my clothes and got rid of a ton of stuff. I plan on going through every room in the house for the remainder of my vacations. I’ll go slow and hopefully, will have time to get it all done! For now, I’m very much looking forward to a weekend of rest!

Going With The Flow

Early wake up call for another Oly lifting class this morning.

What we did today

What we did today

Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch x6 E2M

This was supposed to be a repeat of what we did 2 weeks ago, but since I was at work two weeks ago, it was my 1st go at it. Now that we have the smaller plates, I was able to get closer to the exact weights I needed in order to do 75% x2 (48.5#), 80% x2 (52.5#) and 85% x2 (mine was supposed to be 55.25#, but I did 55#).

My first round at 48.5# went pretty bad when I couldn’t do the OHS. I set the bar down and started the whole sequence from the beginning and pulled it off. My second attempt went well too. I felt a little sore on my upper back this morning from yesterday’s WOD, but it didn’t seem to affect my snatch today. It is still my trouble area though and I was glad to succeed both rounds at 55# without too much trouble. Maybe, one day, I’ll feel secure about doing 1 rep at 65#. I was just glad to see I didn’t have my usual fear of commitment about dropping in to the squat on my last reps and it felt a little more natural today.

Power Clean + 2 pause jerk (2s pause) E2M

I was thinking of getting up to my 85% (76.5#) for this one, but it turned out to be more challenging than I had anticipated so I stayed at my 80% (72#). What we had to do was to power clean the bar. Dip as if we were going to jerk, but before splitting, we had to hold our dip at the bottom for 2s. We also weren’t allowed to re-dip before doing the split jerk. Turns out my butt was sticking out on the dip so I chose to stay at 72# and making sure I was tucking my tail in on each pause. I was getting tired towards the end!

I took my time coming back home and had forgotten Béa had her follow-up appointment with the dermatologist this morning. Ben was kind enough to take her in so I wouldn’t have to rush. It was nice! I had a lovely breakfast and then, New Potential Nanny showed up on time (how refreshing!) in order to spend the day with me and the girls and see how our routine goes. So far, so good! I like her. She’s really sweet and energetic and it doesn’t hurt that she speaks French, this way, I’m not the only one speaking French to the girls at home! I was able to run some errands all by myself during the day which is always nice and right now, she has taken the girls to the swimming pool to give me a break. The girls were super wired this afternoon, so it was nice to get an extra set of hands to help out!

Keeping my fingers crossed it will all work out for the best! For now, I will drop to the floor and roll my sore back without having to anticipate some toddler jumping on my belly! 🙂

I’m Back!

After yet another busy morning, I was lucky enough that Cindy invited me and the girls to go spend some time on her boat, swim in the lake and jump on her trampoline. The girls were so stoked about it all and Cindy even let them drive the boat! They had a blast and Béatrice even came for a little swim in the lake with us, while Rina refused categorically to get in, but she dipped her feet in from the boat though.

Photo 2015-06-11, 1 36 35 PM

Rina was trying to touch the waves

Photo 2015-06-11, 1 41 44 PM

BeZU was so happy and really enjoyed her time on the boat!

I don’t know how Cindy gets the energy to do this day in and day out, because after our little jaunt in and on the lake, I was ready for nap! Unfortunately, I had to go to Rina’s school for the parents info session about kindergarten. I came back home and was determined to get Béatrice to sleep early. So much so that I camped myself at the desk atop our stairs and did some computer work while she fell asleep. It works, I was able to go back downstairs around 2015. It was pretty useless though because I went to bed super early last night. There was no point in staying up as I was dozing off on the couch. I dragged myself to bed and was under the sheets at this early hour:

Yep,  was in bed and it wasn't even 2130!

Yep, was in bed and it wasn’t even 2130!

I slept soundly through the night and got up at 0500 feeling refreshed and back to my usual self. I was glad to see I wasn’t sore anymore and my energy levels were back up to normal! Ready to tackle this WOD:

The power cleans felt very familiar since we had done them just yesterday morning at Oly class. Since I was feeling back on track with my energy levels, I really wanted to push it on those and wanted to try to finish at 90#. Here were my reps:


I failed the second lift @90# twice so I no-repped myself on that weight and only recorded 85#. Still, it felt much better than it had yesterday! 🙂

I had read the WOD early this morning and had misread it as TTB and burpees, not burpee box jumps. It really didn’t matter since no matter what the WOD was, I was there to work hard! I went into this one with a little bit of strategy: I would try to do all rounds of hanging knee raises unbroken (still don’t have my TTB) and I would keep moving on the burpee box jumps as much as I could.

We had to split our class into 2 heats and I was selected to be in the 1st heat. I managed to stick to my strategy for the hanging knee raises and took very minimal breaks atop the box during the burpee box jumps. I even slowed a few reps to “granny-style burpees” in order to catch my breath, but as soon as I could somewhat breathe better, I went back to jumping them. It sure paid off in the end since I didn’t finish last for once and looked at the clock when it displayed 7:30. I had to look at my little white board to make sure I didn’t skip a round or something, it seemed so unnatural for me to be done so early! I think even Coach Caleb was a bit surprised as he came around to give me a “Nice work today!” 🙂 Yeah, it felt pretty awesome to feel like I was finally back to myself!

I came back home and made myself a hearty breakfast of ground beef (tex-mex seasoned), grilled zucchini, an egg and an apple. I did some accounting for the house and now, I’m ready to spend another sunny day with my little family!

I will chose the gym any day (except when I'm actually working the floor at the hospital!) ;)

I will choose the gym any day (except when I’m actually working at the hospital!) 😉

Becoming That Girl

I read something on Facebook last night and it rang true to me. It was an article originally written by Wine to Weightlifting about the Crossfit girls wearing booty shorts. You can read it here. I remember clearly before I decided to join my beloved Box, I was talking to my brother and his girlfriend. They had done Crossfit and I was still on the fence about it. I was chatting with my brother’s girlfriend and I remember clearly saying something along those lines:

I don’t care if I don’t ever lose weight and if I don’t get buffed. All I want is to be healthier and stronger. I know I will never strut around the gym in my booty shorts and my sports bra and I honestly don’t care about that, I just want to be a good model for my daughters and be able to keep up with my family.

Cue this pic:

That was me Sunday... I did more of these today!

The above pic was taken last fall during my Crossfit in-house competition. That’s right… I’m in my sports bra and my running shorts! Yes, there are cellulite and muffin top galore also being displayed in this picture, but what I see when I look at that pic are strong arms, strong back and perfect form during the American Kettle Bell swing. I may not be completely comfortable in my skin yet, but I also know that, when it comes to my Box, nobody will ever shame me for having a flabby belly or cellulite. The people that surround me at the Box are supportive and make me feel like I can really be me when I’m there. It truly is a safe place to be and maybe that’s why I love Crossfit so much. I don’t know if I’ve grown more confident or maybe it’s just that I’m comfortable in this place where there are no mirrors for me to focus on my dangling skin, but I feel strong when I’m there. I feel like I belong and in this world of digitally retouched media, it’s nice to belong within a group of real people. In the pic above, I’m wearing running shorts. I also have 1 pair of true booty shorts, but I’ve never had the guts to wear them other than when I’m cleaning the house. Maybe this year will be the year, who knows?

I had the night off last night (unpaid, but I’ll take it after the crazy few weeks we’ve had!) and that meant I could go workout this morning. I had booked Nanny to watch the girls and they all came along with me.

Skill: 8 rounds of 3 power cleans + 2 thrusters E90S

I had a hard time sticking to those. I guess I could blame it on the Oly classes, but I couldn’t just do the power clean, I kept doing the squat clean. Lol! I’ve been brainwashed! Here were my screwed-up reps:


I stayed at 75# for the last two rounds. I was struggling for the power cleans and I didn’t want my form to go wonky. The thrusters felt good though, I think I could have gone heavier on those.

WOD: HAM Sandwich

Coach Cam explained that HAM meant Hard as Motherfu**er and he sure as hell wasn’t lying! OMG this WOD was tough, but fun at the same time. We were to keep the same weight on the bar that we used on our last rep of the skill so that meant 75# for me today. I felt good. The sun was finally out, the weather was getting warmer, Coach Zeke commented on how I was “melting away” (thanks for noticing all the hard work coach!) and I was in a bubbly mood. Funny how last year, at around the same period, I was questioning myself as to why I was doing Crossfit. I think I was in a slump and was not happy with my progress and therefore, debating if I should stick to it or not. Boy, am I glad I stuck with it! This year, I’m in a  completely different place and I’m pretty happy about who I am at the moment!

OK, back to the WOD. I was going for the FG seeing as I still don’t quite have my DUs. Here were my modifications:

  • 5 DUs + 15 single skips
  • 10 bar hop burpees
  • 8 deadlifts at 75#

I managed 4 full rounds and got to 7 burpees into the 5th round. I was really trying to do most of my burpees true to form, but I had to sneak a few in granny-style. It took a bit of math skills to add my score:

4 rounds of 38 reps + 27 (DUs + 7 burpees) + 75# on the bar = 254 total score!

Once I was done, Nanny came back with the girls (she took them to play at the playground inside the close-by McDonald’s) and Rina wanted to try a few hanging knee raises off the rig. She managed 2 and then Béatrice wanted to do the same. I love having my girls at the Box with me. Stretching while getting cuddles, tickles and kisses is the best!


Getting Under

I was very much looking forward to going for a workout this morning, then, upon waking up, I was met with a crying, clingy Rina, eyes full of dried secretions, stuffy nose and a harsh cough. I cuddled with her a little, then it was Béa’s turn to start to cry, so I cuddled her as well and finally rushed to get ready for the Box. I was pooped and the day hadn’t even started yet! 😦

Skill: Power Clean 8×2 E90s

Coach Caleb said we should work up to a heavy double. I knew that if I started at 55#, I would finish at 95# and I honestly don’t think I had it in me this morning. Here’s what I did instead:


Whenever I repeated the weight was because I didn’t feel confident in my reps, so I repeated in order to get it just right. I then tried 85#, managed my 1st rep and could not for the life of me repeat it for a second one. I rested longer, and managed my second rep. Coach Caleb came by and, just like for my snatch, I have a mental blockage about getting under the bar. I stayed at 85# and repeated my 2 reps with much better ease and confidence. I need to stop over- analyzing the movement and just do it!

WOD: 21-7

I knew I would have to do FG1 because of my pull-ups but I wanted to challenge myself and I did by starting with the red band only (I normally use the red and purple). I managed 3 rounds without the help of the extra band, but I ended up using both bands for the rest of the workout. I did all my push ups from my toes and I was amazed at how easy they felt once I remember to keep my feet together. Air squats was when I would try to recover. I managed 6 full rounds and completed 4 pull-ups into the next round, which gave me a score of 214.

I came back home and kept Rina home with me while Ben took Béa to gymnastics class. I cleaned up the upstairs, finished 3 loads of laundry and then took the girls for a quick errand to the grocery store. Rina was so lethargic, she asked that I pick her up. Good thing I work out! Carrying a 4 year-old, a grocery bag and managing a 2 year-old through a parking lot is no small feat!

I came home and took the car seats out of my car as I’m bringing my car to get fixed in the morning and they will give me a loaner in the meantime. I was rear-ended 2 weeks ago and my rear bumper was dented, hence bringing my car to get fixed.

Once I was done fiddling with the car seats, I came back inside and here’s what was awaiting on the couch:

She looks so rough!

She looks so rough!

Now if you excuse me, I need to go fold 3 loads of laundry and take care of a sick child before heading in to work for my night shift! Phew!

Looking Back

Remember yesterday, when I wrote that the WOD felt easy and I didn’t really feel like I had worked out at all? FAMOUS. LAST. WORDS!

My butt and quads are so sore, I couldn’t stand to have either of the girls sitting on my lap today! 😦 Never underestimate the power of a WOD and the soreness that will inevitably follow.

Also, during the Skill yesterday, I realized I had put the pegs (whatever you call those little things to hold your bar up on the rig) too low for my back squats. My bar was already loaded up at 55#. I picked it up, put it on the floor, raised my peg-thingies just as Coach Caleb came by and asked if I needed help to pick my bar back up. I almost laughed and said a very confident “No” before proceeding to power cleaning my bar and racking it back up. That’s when Coach Caleb said:

I remember when you couldn’t even clean an empty bar.

I remember it well too and it doesn’t seem that long ago. I know 55# isn’t heavy, but I HAVE improved over the past 9 months and it would seem I am not the only one noticing…

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Crossfit?!?

We’re Doing Good!

It was hard waking up this morning, but I was happy to be up at 0500 to go see “my 0600 crew” at the box!

Today felt like the Skill portion was a WOD in itself and then we had to do Felix. Double WOD this morning means I will probably be grunting at work all night every time I get up from my chair! 🙂

For the Skill I did my power cleans with 55#, but I think I could have gone 60# for all 5 rounds. I also used the red and blue bands for my strict pull-ups. I really need to work on these. It always feels like I’m somehow kipping, even when I do strict pull-ups. I should ask my Coach to watch me next time.

Once we were done with the WOD Skill, it was time for the WOD. I had done Felix back in August and it was my 1st Rx WOD back then. I had finished in 24:00. I was paired up with Bo today and I think I can credit him for our better time today: he’s super tall and such a strong rower. His technique is very good! That didn’t mean I slacked off though! I chose to go second (Coach Caleb had mentioned that the second partner would have a bigger challenge as there would be less rest time after the 1000m. I challenged myself and opted to go second! We finished last, but I think we were less than 2 minutes after everyone else at 21:44. I was very happy with that. My strategy was to give 10 strong pulls every 500m (for the 1000m), every 250m for the rest of the intervals. Not sure if it was a good one as I felt gassed on the 500m, but I never stopped and we finished close to everyone else. You know it’s been a good one when even your throat is sore from such heavy breathing and groaning during the WOD! 🙂

In other news, I just wanted to get back to a post I wrote back in January. There were some hardship in our relationship at that time and I’m glad to announce we have worked through it. It always makes me laugh when I would talk to some of my friends about it and the first question they would ask was: “Are you going to get a divorce?” Divorce is not in my vocabulary, even less an option. I am a firm believer that a marriage/relationship goes through ups and downs through the years. You marriage will be successful if you are willing to pull up your sleeves and work at maintaining the love and trust it deserves. We have had long talks about our feelings, making sure we were heard, even though we sometimes didn’t share the other partner’s opinions, we would still listen. Most of the time, just feeling like you’re being heard makes the world of a difference, even though it doesn’t change the immediate situation. I am lucky to have such a supportive husband who understands the importance for me to have my own hobbies (knitting and Crossfit) and helps out to make sure I get to do both once in a while. I’ll just have to also remember that he needs time for himself too when golfing season comes around! 😉

We are in such a good place right now, I’m really glad we are over the hump and we will remain the strong couple that we’ve always been since the beginning, no matter what life throws our way.

Now, That Was Insane!

I looked at the WOD last night and I was happy to see we would be doing some lifts (which meant I could try on my new lifting shoes! 🙂 ), but I also saw we would be doing pull-ups and push presses which meant I had to do something about the calluses on my hands. They have been bugging me for the past week and I took my Angel Feet Mini Pro II and filed the crap out of those calluses! It still feels like I have a blister under the right callous, but it was much better at the Box today.

BTW, I love the shoes, they are extremely comfortable, support the midsole very well, have a very roomy toe box and are very supple on top. I kept them on for the WOD and they were fine throughout and offered good toe grip for the burpee part of the WOD. Perfect for me!

My lovely oly lifter shoes!

My lovely oly lifter shoes!

I started warming up like I usually do and other people were showing up as well… at a steady flow… not seeming to stop! We ended up being 22 at the 0600 class this morning! It was INSANE, but in a good way! The Box was buzzing and the vibe gave me a different kind of energy I had never felt before! It was truly awesome! 🙂 We took a picture of the group after the class was done and I’ll ask the Box if I can post it on here.

Because we were so many, we had to team up in teams of 3 for the skill and the WOD as well.

We started our push presses with 55# and I did the following reps:


I was the only one of my group to go up to 70#. It felt strong and I think I could have gone higher by a little more. Next time!

For the WOD, I chose to go for the FG1 group and here’s what I did:

5 rounds:

  • 5 power cleans at 55# (that was hard, but I managed to get through all 5 sets better than I thought I would)
  • 7 burpess
  • 9 chest-to-bar with red and green band (I really need to decrease those bands, maybe green alone or red and blue together. I was aiming at pull-ups and kept flying over the bar into chest-to-bar)
  • 42 single skip

My average time of my fastest and slowest combined was 3:40 (1:45, 1:55, 1:50, 1:51, 1:54). I really wish I could have done a 6th round, but at the beginning of my 3rd round, I felt a pinch in my left shoulder that lingered all through my 4th round as well, so I chose not to push it. I rolled my shoulder on a Lacrosse ball after we were done and I will apply some heat to it and keep rolling it out today.

It was so great to have all these people to work out with, everybody was sweaty and smiling at the end, it was really neat!

I came back home a little later than usual and Ben was still in bed. He was complaining of not having a good night (I already knew that as he was tossing and turning for most of it). He got up, thought he had a fever (nothing on the thermometer) and said he felt like he would pass out. I told him to go back to bed and I hope some rest is all he needs in order to feel better. We had planned a “date night sans kiddos” tonight and have booked a sitter so we could go out to dinner. Heaven knows we need a little time as a couple since it’s just been crazy the past week. With me being back to work and Ben traveling again next weekend, we won’t have the chance to do that again soon 😦 Keeping my fingers crossed!

Monkey Business

After being woken up at 0400 by Béa (I swear, this kid needs to learn to sleep in a bit better!), I never managed to fall back asleep, so it was a very early start to my day. I got out of bed at 0500 and got ready for Crossfit.

Working on the rope, I was paired up with Marika (I now know her name! She was the nice lady that comforted me in this post) and boy! Can this girl climb a rope! She was just getting up there like it was nothing! Me, on the other hand, looked more like a hippo trying to inch my way up! I managed to do it 3x though and my leg lock was strong enough for me to let go of the rope a few times too! I will definitely need long pants or long socks for the next set of these as I have a minor rope burn on my right shin at the moment! 😦

My amazing friend Tracey (or was it her husband Mark? I was too focused on getting on the rope to know any better!) managed to take a few shots of me in action, trying to climb the rope

Slightly off the ground!

Slightly off the ground!

That's a little better!

That’s a little better!

How awesome is that! My 1st “action” shots from the Box! SO happy and grateful for these!

Then, it was time for the WOD. I managed 45# for the power cleans and the push presses and I think I could have done 50#, but the wall balls killed me. I stayed at 10#. Some day, I swear, I will use the 14# ball for these!

My times for each rounds were:

0:51, 0:57, 0:55, 1:03, 1:07

It was a tough one and I’m just glad I managed to keep all my rounds under the 2 mins required! Now, I’m off to go see my tiny ballerina do her thing at dance classes!

My Hands Hurt!

Finally! I went to bed around 2230 last night and after a small meltdown from Béatrice at 2330, I slept right through until 0450 this morning. Sleep is a beautiful thing! 🙂 Speaking of sleep, I am IN LOVE with my pillow:

Mayukori Buckwheat Groat pillow Source

Mayukori Buckwheat Groat pillow

I bought mine a little over a year ago and I look forward to resting my head on that pillow EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT! Well worth the investment. I also bought one for Rina a month about 2 months ago and she’s still adjusting to sleeping with a pillow. I have to admit though, I don’t use the cover my pillow came with, I just modified our own pillow covers with a few stitches on the sewing machine and it works perfectly! 😉

This morning’s WOD:

Captain Coach Kirk was filling in for Coach Caleb (who is away on holidays) this morning. It was nice to have him coach me again (he was my coach for the OnRamp class). Why is the Power Snatch + OH Squat so freakin’ hard? I consider myself pretty good at squatting (hehe!), but this was such a struggle! Here are my reps:

40#-45#-Failed 50# so I scaled back to 45#-45#-45#

I actually fell on my butt attempting the 50#. I felt horrible because I dropped the bar too and it didn’t have a big plate on it, just the little ones. It was the bar or my back, so I chose to protect my back and let go of the bar. I guess it’s another goal to work up to!

For the WOD, we had done this one back in September and my time was 6:35, but I had only done 4 rounds of 12 wall ball (10#) and 8 pull ups with green band.

Today I did the FG with 4 rounds of 12 wall ball (14#) and 10 pull-ups (green and purple band) and I finished in 8:48. I was slower today, but I increased my weights and reps, so I’ll take it! Progress is progress, even if it feels like regressing sometimes!

I came back home and my hands were BURNING from the pull-ups! I have some calluses, but for some reason, they were on fire when I came back home. Maybe it’s because I forgot to chalk up before the WOD? I’ll just moisturize them today.

Since Rina didn’t have her ballet classes today, I was able to book a haircut appointment and I’m very pleased with the result. I got some layers done so my curls are just a little crazier than usual, but I love it! 😉

Wavy 'do!

Wavy ‘do!