Going With The Flow

Early wake up call for another Oly lifting class this morning.

What we did today

What we did today

Power Snatch + OHS + Snatch x6 E2M

This was supposed to be a repeat of what we did 2 weeks ago, but since I was at work two weeks ago, it was my 1st go at it. Now that we have the smaller plates, I was able to get closer to the exact weights I needed in order to do 75% x2 (48.5#), 80% x2 (52.5#) and 85% x2 (mine was supposed to be 55.25#, but I did 55#).

My first round at 48.5# went pretty bad when I couldn’t do the OHS. I set the bar down and started the whole sequence from the beginning and pulled it off. My second attempt went well too. I felt a little sore on my upper back this morning from yesterday’s WOD, but it didn’t seem to affect my snatch today. It is still my trouble area though and I was glad to succeed both rounds at 55# without too much trouble. Maybe, one day, I’ll feel secure about doing 1 rep at 65#. I was just glad to see I didn’t have my usual fear of commitment about dropping in to the squat on my last reps and it felt a little more natural today.

Power Clean + 2 pause jerk (2s pause) E2M

I was thinking of getting up to my 85% (76.5#) for this one, but it turned out to be more challenging than I had anticipated so I stayed at my 80% (72#). What we had to do was to power clean the bar. Dip as if we were going to jerk, but before splitting, we had to hold our dip at the bottom for 2s. We also weren’t allowed to re-dip before doing the split jerk. Turns out my butt was sticking out on the dip so I chose to stay at 72# and making sure I was tucking my tail in on each pause. I was getting tired towards the end!

I took my time coming back home and had forgotten Béa had her follow-up appointment with the dermatologist this morning. Ben was kind enough to take her in so I wouldn’t have to rush. It was nice! I had a lovely breakfast and then, New Potential Nanny showed up on time (how refreshing!) in order to spend the day with me and the girls and see how our routine goes. So far, so good! I like her. She’s really sweet and energetic and it doesn’t hurt that she speaks French, this way, I’m not the only one speaking French to the girls at home! I was able to run some errands all by myself during the day which is always nice and right now, she has taken the girls to the swimming pool to give me a break. The girls were super wired this afternoon, so it was nice to get an extra set of hands to help out!

Keeping my fingers crossed it will all work out for the best! For now, I will drop to the floor and roll my sore back without having to anticipate some toddler jumping on my belly! 🙂

Feeling Better

I was a bit tired after a long night out last night. This Mama isn’t used to staying out so late, but it felt good to dress up and enjoy a lovely meal with some friends.

I felt good in that outfit!

I felt good in that outfit!

Still, I showed up for the Oly class this morning and I was a bit deflated when I saw we were doing Power Snatches again this morning… After yesterday, I didn’t have much faith in my abilities.

Power Snatch + 2 OHS E2M x6

We were supposed to work to about 75% of our 1RM. That would have meant 45# for me (my 1RM is 60#), so I pretty much started with an empty bar and worked up from there. Coach Caleb wanted me to stop at 55# and I was thankful for that. I felt much better in the power snatch today, but the OHS felt wobbly. Here were my reps:


Squat Clean Thrusters 5×5 E3M

We were to do these touch and go and 1 rep was a squat clean into a thruster. Those were hard. Coach Caleb wanted me to start at 55# and I didn’t think I would do well, but in the end, I got my head in the zone and pushed through. I was also ok when Coach Caleb came by and made me stay at 65#. His reasoning was that 65# is usually the Rx weight for the Open and I was struggling enough with that as it was.


All in all, it was a good session and now, I have to get some groceries in order to cook for the next few days. Oh, and laundry, of course!

A Crossfit Girl, My girl And My “Girls”!

When nothing seems to be going right in your life, get up and go to Crossfit… That’s what I do! Best outlet to frustrations, sadness and just plain raw emotions.

Rina and Béa didn’t go to sleep until 2100 last night (2hrs after their usual bedtime) and even then, it was a struggle to get them down. Ben came home early because of a general power outage at the Rec Centre (and a big part of the city as well), and we both struggled to put the girls down. Needless to say that the late bedtime was a precursor to a bad night of sleep all around. Crazy what a little snow will do to people’s bio-rhythm!

Snow in Victoria. A rare occurrence, but it makes the city shut down!

Snow in Victoria. A rare occurrence, but it shuts down the city!

Rina woke up at 0300 with a sore throat and came to sleep with us. Béa woke up at 0430 and after I put Rina back into her bed, I gave BeZU a bottle and put her back to bed. I couldn’t fall back asleep and Rina woke up again at 0520, so I made the judgement call to bring her with me to the BOX so Ben could catch a few more Zs (lucky man)!

My personal cheerleader!

My personal cheerleader!

She did very well at staying on the couch while I did my skill and WOD and then, she came to cuddle in her mommy’s arms while we watched the 2nd group do their WOD (I think we were 14 this morning and not enough room on the pull-up rig meant we had to split it into 2 groups). I wasn’t complaining, I love cuddling that little person! 🙂

For the Power Snatch + OHS, I did 40#, 40#, 40#, 45#, 45#. This is pretty much similar to what I had done on November 13, except I didn’t fall on my butt this time and the sequence of movements seemed easier to execute this time around. Yay! 🙂

Then, it was time for Fran. As per Coach Caleb, Fran is a bit of a benchmark of Crossfit and I was a bit nervous about getting to know the beast her. I got even more nervous when I overheard Coach Caleb say that

Sub 5 mins is a good time for Fran.

SUB 5 MINUTES!!! Have you met me? I thought I had about 20 minutes to finish this one! Oh well, I guess I will TG this one  too (shocking, I know)!

I did the thrusters at 35# and did my pull-up with the green and purple band. Guess what time I finished with?

7:11! Surprising how my body can do so much better than my mind is willing to give it credit for!

I had to hurry home and shower quickly because today, I was had my very 1st mammogram. I know, you’ll say I’m too young at 35 for a mammogram, but you’ll remember that Mamie battled through breast cancer and she has now been cancer-free for a year! I also had a maternal aunt go through breast cancer as well, so my doctor and I decided we would do prevention and do early detection and today was my baseline for my future mammograms. I wasn’t really apprehensive about the whole thing. I knew my tatas were going to get squished, but I wasn’t scared about the process. I went in, we took 4 x-rays (2 on each sides) and that was it. Yes, it was a firm squeeze, but nothing to cry out in pain. After all, I can take the pain. I’m strong, I do Crossfit! 😉

So there, if you’re on the fence about getting your “girls” checked out, it’s really nothing to write home about! Get it done ladies!

Incendiary: Take 2!

Today’s WOD was a repeat of one we did back in August.

I tried the skills with just the 35# bar and on my 1st attempt at Squat Snatch, I fell flat on my butt and dropped the empty bar on the floor. 😦 I felt horrible about dropping the empty bar and I decided to just do the Power Snatch followed by the OHS  for the rest of the reps. I also stayed at 35# because I have a tendency to land my feet a bit too wide after the Power Snatch and I wanted to work on that.  I also need to remember not to push the bar too far on the back of my head when landing it in the Power Snatch so it won’t pull me backward when I do the OHS. So many things to remember and work on! 🙂

Then, it was time for the WOD. For some reason, I had it in my phone app that I had done the FG last time with a time of 19:30. I was planning on doing the same FG today, but do my pull-ups with the green and purple bands and full push-ups. However, because there were so many of us at the box this morning, those of us that needed assistance with our pull-ups were asked to do ring rows instead. I was a bit disappointed as I actually enjoy pull-ups, but whatever.

We set off for the 800m run and I did it unbroken. Came back in and slowly plowed through my modified 4 rounds of Cindy. I managed to do all the air squats unbroken as well.

I then proceeded to go for the 600m run and had to take a break (about 30 secs, but I had no watch so it’s hard to say).It was cold out there and I was just in my t-shirt. At 1°C (34ºF), it was somewhat cold for the running, but literally freezing when the wind would pick up! I came back in and felt like a zombie, walking towards my ring row station. I did my 3 rounds of Cindy with the squats unbroken again, but Coach Caleb came to see me and told me to skip the 400m run (and the Cindy following) and go straight to the 200m as otherwise, I wouldn’t make the cap time. I. was. FUMING! I may have dropped an f-bomb under my breath. Keep in my that I thought I had done the FG last time and finished with 19:30. And that’s with doing assisted pull-ups. How come I was doing so much worst this time around?

I set out for the 200m run, came back in and did my last round of Cindy, once again with unbroken squats. I finished with a time of 24:10. I was not happy at all and felt like I should just go and do the 400m round on my own. I waited for everybody to finish, stretched and came home. This is what I looked like when I stepped inside the house:

Absolutely pooped and disheveled!

Absolutely pooped and disheveled!

It’s only when I re-read my blog that I realized I hadn’t done the FG previously, I had done the TG. I guess, in a way, I have improved since last time, but I still would have liked the opportunity to finish the full FG. Something to aspire to for next time! 😉

I had a bath, but it didn’t do anything to warm me up, so I finished it off with a hot shower. We are now slowly getting ready for our hike. We’ll have to dress appropriately, as it will probably be colder on the oceanfront. Can’t wait!  Quality family-time! 🙂