Barbells and Princesses

I had such a full day yesterday!

Crossfit in the morning followed by more house cleaning (I’m almost done deep cleaning the kitchen), interrupted with a lovely at-home pedicure by a mobile pedicurist /fellow crossfitter, more cleaning and finally, falling asleep on the couch while “watching” TV.

After I made my way to my bed, I woke up at 0500 and got ready for Oly lifting class this morning, because it’s “just lifting”!

Photo 2015-08-27, 5 53 29 AM

The tall snatch was a struggle with just the empty bar and it’s still something I need to work on. Why is everything snatch-related such a struggle? I guess we all have our weaknesses and the snatch truly is one of mine.

Since I missed the last testing session, I’m still using 65# as my 1RM for the snatch and that meant I used 55# today for the Snatch EMOM x 10 @85%. I think it went well overall, but I was feeling fatigued on my last rep.

For the hang clean, I really wanted to attempt 90# on my last set, just to prove to myself that I could do it without catching it on my sternum. Coach Caleb wanted us to focus on not dropping the bar in-between reps and get back into the hook grip.


My “wings” (as Ben calls my bruise) are healing nicely. And yes, I know, I look exhausted!

Everything went peachy until my 6th set. I managed all my reps without hesitation and after a pointer from Coach Caleb, I reminded myself to keep my chest and elbows up in the catch. When I got to 90#, I was in my head and really afraid of failing the lift.

1st attempt: failed.

I came back to the bar and approached it. Pick up the bar. Exhale. Inhale. Block breath, dip and lift.

2nd attempt: failed.

I walked away from the bar. Sat on the bench for about 30s, then approached the bar again. Pick up the bar. Exhale. Inhale. Block breath, dip and lift.

3rd attempt: failed.

This time, I sat down right away and had a chat with myself. I knew I could do it, I had managed 2 reps earlier this week. Yeah, I’m tired, but I can totally do this. Just get to the bar and DO IT! You just need to drop into the squat to catch it.

Approach the bar. Set my hands. Pick up the bar. Exhale. Inhale. Block breath, dip and lift.

4th attempt: 1st lift successful! I wanted to celebrate, but there was still another lift to do. I reset the bar on my hips and reset my hook grip. Dang! That bar is heavy. All you have to do is repeat what you just did! You got this. I can barely hold on to the bar! Just do it, don’t think about it. JUST DO IT!

Hook grip. Exhale. Inhale. Block breath, dip and lift.

2nd lift caught very deep at the bottom of the squat and I was afraid I would crumple into the bottom, but I managed to push out of it and managed my 2nd lift! I threw that bar on the floor and was beaming! I had just done 2 reps at my 1RM C&J!!! Whoot! Whoot! Also, that was a 15# PR from my previous attempt at this only 3 short months ago!

Photo 2015-08-27, 7 17 19 AM

I couldn’t stop smiling! Looks like even though I’m exhausted, I can still find it in me to push hard and improve!

I came back home for a shower and a hearty breakfast before taking the girls to Hatley Castle for their surprise Princess Day! No cleaning today, I’m taking a break from being a housekeeper and I’m taking time to rest and enjoy my last few days off before my vacation is over! We went to pick up Nanny as I had asked her if she wanted to come with us (not to work, but to enjoy the day and be tourist in her new town).

The day had started a bit cloudy and cooler, but the sun came out and the heat did too. I chose to only pay for the garden tour as I highly doubted the girls’ attention span would last enough for the indoor guided tour. I think it was the best decision, even though I will have to go back one day to visit the inside of the castle.

We toured the Italian garden, the Japanese garden, the Rose garden and the green houses. The photographer in me had a blast taking some shot and editing them. Below is just a small sample of the 140+ shots I took today! 😉

So Slow

After being under the weather for 2 days (nausea, vomiting and upset stomach) (NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT!) I decided to drag my butt to Crossfit this morning since, you know, it’s “just a lifting class”! Ha!

Today was a repeat of what we did on August 2nd and I was hoping to do a little better.

Photo 2015-04-30, 5 56 24 AM

Squat Snatch 3-3-2-2-1-1 E2M 

My 70% of the last testing we did on the snatch is 42#, therefore, I started my reps at 40.

  • 40#x3: felt good and I felt like I was able to drop into the squat easily
  • 45#x3: felt good as well
  • 50#x2: was a little trickier. I didn’t have the big bumpers on and starting from the shins, I was struggling to keep my shoulders in front of the bar on my starting position.
  • 55#x2: I failed both reps (one falling on my butt and the other, I couldn’t drop into the squat), even though I tried for a third rep as per Coach Caleb’s instructions.
  • 55#x1: I managed to do it! Yay!
  • 60#x1: Boy that was an ugly rep! Very slow in dropping into the squat. I need to trust more and just drop into it! It was a successful rep, but it was ugly as heck! That’s ok, 60# has been my 5×1 in the test weeks as well, so I guess I’m slowly getting there!

Split Jerk from rack 6×2 E3M

I had 1 testing score of 80# for the C&J so I used that weight to go from. I was aiming to end at 75#, but it didn’t happen today. I started at 50# and worked my way up by 5# each rounds. On the 5th set (70#), I was struggling to get my the bar behind my head on the landing, so I stayed there for my last set and managed a lot better. It’s still a 5# improvement from 3 weeks ago! 🙂

I am now looking forward to a chill day at home with the girls. Although, I think the girls have other plans. Here’s what the living room looked like at 0830 this morning:

Princess train in the living room!

Princess train in the living room!

and a massage at lunch time. Hopefully, the massage will work out the left-over toxins out of my system and I’ll feel more energetic tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s another shot of the girls while Béa is going around asking for coffee #idontthinkso!

Photo 2015-04-30, 9 10 28 AM (1)