Out Like A Belly Button

I swear, the kids are adorable and all, but I sure wish they would sleep through the night. Béa was up multiple times last night which means I’m not getting the rest I need to recover from all the intensity I’ve been putting my body through lately.

She's got gorgeous brown eyes! I just wish she'd keep them closed through the night! ;)

She’s got gorgeous brown eyes! I just wish she’d keep them closed through the night! 😉


Yesterday Kathleen cancelled our mesh on Sunday and I wasn’t too sad she did so. She’s been bombarded with visitors and hasn’t had time to unpack into her new house, so she will make time for that this weekend. I, on the other hand, will use this opportunity to do nothing (workout-wise) and just enjoy the long weekend with Ben and the girls, before I head back into work on Monday.

I woke up startled by my alarm at 0500 and somehow managed to get up and ready for my last workout this week:

I saw this on Facebook as I was feeling up before the workout and thought: Yep!

I saw this on Facebook as I was fuelling up before the workout and thought: Yep!




I teamed up with Tracey for the warm-up and literally was biting my arm during the wallsits! The plank holds weren’t as bad and I felt like I could have held a little longer on them, but those wallsits were pretty horrible, considering I had just finished those air squats at a good speed (for me!)

Skill: Kipping pull-ups 4×6 E2M

I focused on my strict for these and used the red and blue, but maybe I should have used the red and purple instead. It somewhat easy to do the 6 reps, but I my hands felt like they were on the verge of ripping.

WOD: Snatch & Grab

I had never done this one before and since it involved the ever elusive snatch, I had to resort to TG for today. I felt like a wimp using such a low weight, but then again, seeing as my 1RM is 60# made it easier to swallow. Here’s how I scaled it:

4 rounds of

  • 6 Hang power snatch @ 45#
  • 8 burpee bar hops
  • 10 front squats @45#

I really thought the front squats would be a piece of cake at that weight, but man, was I wrong! I had to break them into 3 sets for every round! I tried my best to keep all the burpee bar hops Rx, but had to drop to granny-style for a few reps each rounds. Jess walked in and smiled at me after one of my rounds. She was dancing and the best I could do was to give my Bitchy Resting Face. Sorry Jess! I was trying to save every calorie of energy for the WOD and smiling was impeding on that! 😉


I have BRF and I own it!


Oh well, not my best WOD at all. To be honest, I didn’t really care. I just wanted to be done. Done with the WOD, but also done with the intense week I’d just put my body through. Here were my times for the rounds:

1:35 – 1:45 – 1:45 – 1:34

Which gives me 3:19 for this WOD.

I can’t wait to go for my massage this morning! That’ll start recovery painfully well! I don’t go for fluffy massages. I prefer the deep tissue kind and my RMT is also a Crossfitter, so she knows which muscles we work and what needs to be worked on. She’s awesome in a dominatrix kind of way! Teehee! I find myself breathing through the pain when she works on certain areas, but I know I always feel better after!

In the meantime, don’t expect a lot of posts until next week, because I’ll be out like a belly-button for some well-deserved rest & recovery!


Crossfit Makes Life Better!

I woke up this morning and this is what my ankle looked like:

Swollen and bruised

Swollen and bruised

Surprisingly enough, I can now do almost full flexions/extensions with minimal pain. Rotations are still painful. Jumping and running are still out of the question at this time, but walking with very minimal limping is possible and it gets better as my ankle is “warmed up”. I will try to go through the day without any ibuprofen / acetaminophen and see how it goes. It is still painful to wear a closed up shoe however and that’s why I wore a tensor this morning to guard and protect the ankle.

Here’s what we did at 0600:

Warm-up: I had to do single skips on my right leg only seeing as I couldn’t tolerate the impact on the left ankle, but other than that, no other modification here! 🙂

Mobility: These mobility stations make me realize I need to do more at home. The Lacrosse ball on the hamstring felt particularly bad (good) and so did the IT Band foam rolls. I have all the equipment at home to keep it up, I just have to actually DO IT! 😉 The KB pec crush were also bad (in a good way), but I did them with 35# this morning instead of the 26# I was using previously.

WOD: I had to modify quite a bit for this one because of the gimpy ankle. Here’s what I did:

  • Airdyne 700m
  • 24 strict burpees (since I can’t jump, I couldn’t do the “broad jump” part)
  • 600m KB Walk (26#, varying the carries every 50m)
  • 24 strict burpees
  • Airdyne 700m

There was no timer for this WOD and although I wasn’t the fastest, I also wasn’t the last one to finish! Yay for being gibbled! Maybe I should rethink this whole running thing… I always finish last when I run, but not so much when I’m on the Airdyne… Hmmm.

During my last round on the Airdyne, Coach Caleb came around and asked me if I was done while I was still pedalling… I guess I was going so slow, he thought I was cooling off! No siree! I was just exhausted and trying to get through the last little bit of the WOD! 😉

I’m so glad I can still show up and do the WODs even though I’m injured right now. I love that I can still do something for my fitness and sanity. Not to mention, seeing people I like hanging out with. It’s because of these people that I can still smile when the going gets tough mid-WOD and a smile across the room or a thumbs up from them often is enough to give me the boost of energy needed to finish the WOD. I also like that Crossfit has taught me to take things in stride at the Box, but also in life. With the fast approaching move, there has been a lot thrown our way and I’ve just been tackling things one-at-a-time, prioritizing and breaking things into smaller tasks, but really, just taking things as they come has been a life-saver. Packing up the apartment is coming along nicely and dealing with other stressful areas in my personal life has been easier because I don’t focus on the things I have absolutely no control over. That doesn’t mean I’m delusional and refuse to face reality, but there’s no point wasting time and energy worrying or focusing on things I absolutely cannot change. Life happens, and you have to surf through the waves with focusing on remaining afloat.

In the meantime, I focus my energy on my ankle recovery, my beautiful daughters, the lovely weather we are having, preparing for moving into our house and getting some knitting done! Life is good, focus on the positive side of things, even when it gets hard!