Rina-Ism #6

Rina has the day off from school today. However, as I get breakfast ready, she’s playing and pretending to get ready for school.

Rina: “Bye Maman! Bonne journée”

Me: “Bye love, have a good day!”


A few minutes later, she comes back…

Rina: “Hi Mom! I’m back!”

Me: “Oh good! How was your day love?”
Rina: “Good! I didn’t die!”

Perspective is everything and this kiddo has it right! Every day you come home alive is a good day! Bahaha!


*This post may contain offensive language to some readers, be advised!*

I’ve always used the anatomically correct names for our body parts, including our privates. Both the girls know they have vaginas and their dad has a penis. I’m showering with the girls before bedtime tonight and as I’m washing their privates Rina blurts out of nowhere:

Let’s not talk to Daddy like a penis. He gets upset when we talk to him like a penis.

I know what she really meant was: “Let’s not talk about Daddy’s penis because he gets upset when we do so” but her version is so much funnier. I’m sure Ben would get upset if we did talk to him like a penis!

I’m the immature one who, now, cannot stop giggling! Teehee!