Rolling, rolling, rolling!

My sweet girl!

Today, you rolled over from your tummy to your back and we (your dad and I) were lucky enough to see you the first time you did it and videotape it the second time around! Your Nonno and Grandma also got to see you as we were having a video call on Skype with them just as you decided to roll around! I can tell that you’re really close to roll from your back to your tummy too as you keep stretching your neck one way or the other! I am so very proud of all your achievements and I’m proud to be your mom! I guess we’ll have to childproof this place sooner than later!

Sleep well my darling!,


Mom & Dad Xxo

11km, chickens and bald eagles

My sweet Rina,

We went for a very long walk today (just a few meters short of 11km!) and we saw tons of animals on our walk. We saw chickens:

Chickens along the trail!

We also saw 2 bald eagles in a tree:

Not a very clear pic, but take my word for it!

We also saw a rabbit, but I don’t have a picture of that 😦

I was dead tired when we got home, and I just wanted to rest for a bit so I put you on your mat for some tummy-time and you took me by surprise when you almost rolled over on your back! You amaze me on a daily basis and I love my new life as a mom! Thanks Monkey for putting me in the love bubble all over again!


Mom & Dad Xxo