Embrace The Suck!

Not much to say this morning other than it was another cold morning heading in to the Box for my workout:




Skill: HSPU+ rope climb

I finally managed to get 1 kipping HSPU from the yoga block + 3×2.5# plates. I was so excited that I got out of my handstand and wasn’t able to get back to it afterwards since my shoulders were getting tired. I’m just glad I finally managed to do one though as it was very elusive to me before today. I credit Tracey and her wonderful advice to push towards the ceiling with my feet! 🙂 I tried a regular rope climb, but even with my long sock, I wasn’t able to tolerate the pain on the scabs remaining on my shins. I did lying down ones instead.

WOD: Triow

Kevin was back and he needed to do the Airdyne instead of the rowing since he’s still recovering from surgery. Tracey was also doing Aridyne because her shoulder was bothering her so I offered to be their 3rd partner for the WOD on the death bike Airdyne. That’s right, I actually volunteered for the Airdyne. I guess I was all about embracing the suck or something. Marika also offered to team up with us so we then split up into two teams of 2  (I was with Kevin) and made up an imaginary 3rd partner. We ended up adding an extra rest period for each round to make up for our missing partner. Here’s what we had to do distance-wise on the ‘dyne:

  • 0.35 x3 (each partner)
  • 0.75
  • 0.35 x3 (each partner)
  • 0.75

Coach Caleb had given us the wrong distance for the first interval so we all ended up doing 0.45 instead of 0.35. Bleh! My goal for today was to simply not stop and not take my hands from the handles. I just wanted to keep pushing for each interval and I managed to do so! During the struggle, I would just close my eyes, focus on the music and try to keep up the cadence to the rhythm of the music. It worked!  We had to come up with team names and the theme was Galactic Warriors. I suggested and Schwinners (Schwinn is the brand of the death bike) of the Universe and Kevin agreed. We finished in 36:42. It was a long one and I was glad it was over! I guess I’m slowly getting fitter since I didn’t stop at all during the intervals, just like I can now run (very slowly albeit, but run nonetheless) all the intervals when running is involved! Yay. Slowly getting there!

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow’s Skills Plus class and see what’s in store for us!

Monkey Business

After being woken up at 0400 by Béa (I swear, this kid needs to learn to sleep in a bit better!), I never managed to fall back asleep, so it was a very early start to my day. I got out of bed at 0500 and got ready for Crossfit.

Working on the rope, I was paired up with Marika (I now know her name! She was the nice lady that comforted me in this post) and boy! Can this girl climb a rope! She was just getting up there like it was nothing! Me, on the other hand, looked more like a hippo trying to inch my way up! I managed to do it 3x though and my leg lock was strong enough for me to let go of the rope a few times too! I will definitely need long pants or long socks for the next set of these as I have a minor rope burn on my right shin at the moment! 😦

My amazing friend Tracey (or was it her husband Mark? I was too focused on getting on the rope to know any better!) managed to take a few shots of me in action, trying to climb the rope

Slightly off the ground!

Slightly off the ground!

That's a little better!

That’s a little better!

How awesome is that! My 1st “action” shots from the Box! SO happy and grateful for these!

Then, it was time for the WOD. I managed 45# for the power cleans and the push presses and I think I could have done 50#, but the wall balls killed me. I stayed at 10#. Some day, I swear, I will use the 14# ball for these!

My times for each rounds were:

0:51, 0:57, 0:55, 1:03, 1:07

It was a tough one and I’m just glad I managed to keep all my rounds under the 2 mins required! Now, I’m off to go see my tiny ballerina do her thing at dance classes!