Modified Fitness Is Still Fitness

My sciatic has been acting up since Monday and hasn’t let up really. I was limping badly yesterday and even though I did my ROMWOD, foam rolled, LaCrosse-balled it, it is still pinching. I showed up to the Box this morning and didn’t have high hopes of being able to perform the WOD, but after I spoke with Coach France, we came up with a plan of attack on how to modify the WOD and still get a good workout in. The only warning she gave me was: “If it’s not feeling good, don’t push through, just do some push-ups instead.” With those modifications and that one rule, I was ready to go. Anxious, but ready! 😉

I started modifying during the warm-up when the air squats were a bit much for me. I could feel a pinch and therefore, dropped and did push-ups instead.

As for the WOD, here’s what I did instead:

  • 800m run x 1 (non stop, at an easy pace) followed by an AMRAP of
  • 10 x push press @55#
  • 10 burpees (no bar hop for me)

I tried my best to bounce back quickly on the turnarounds on the run, instead of taking a few walking steps, I just pushed off and bounced back into it. I managed to complete only 43 reps of this one, but I was still happy to just be moving at all!

We then had a 10-mins rest before we tackled the second part of the WOD:

  • 1200m on the Airdyne (non-stop and I never let go of the handles either, pretty proud of this new feat!) followed by AMRAP of
  • 10 pullups (blue and purple bands)
  • 10 air squats

I completed 82 reps on this one and it felt good. I know I probably didn’t spend as much energy as everyone else, but like I said, I was sweaty, I worked hard and managed to get some fitness in, even though I had a pretty bad bum bugging me. The air squats felt good on the last part of the WOD, maybe because I was warmed up a bit?

All in all, I was pretty pleased with my work today. The pull-ups were banded perfectly and I was able to string 4 and 3 of them throughout the whole workout. I was in a good place mentally and blocked out all negative self-talk during the workout. The Airdyne was sure challenging, but when it got too much, I just closed my eyes, focused on breathing and kept going. I was truly happy to be able to move and get my heart pumping for a bit!

I am now back home, showered and ready to go to a short meeting at work. When I come back, I will try to book myself a physio appointment and see if they can give me pointers to help out with my sciatic! In the meantime, I will keep up with my ROMWOD tonight, without pushing it. After all, I have my Kitty and Cougar Throwdown comp I need to be ready for with Kathleen! Look for us , we are team Beasty Belles!

I’m A Crossfitter

Kathleen is in the process of moving to her new mansion house and she has been wanting to inaugurate Jim’s Gym V2.0 so we all got together today for some special workout she had come up with.

I drove up to her new place and couldn’t help from swearing to myself as I pulled up the her new place. IT IS MASSIVE! Massive and gorgeous and she will have a library and I can’t wait to see it when it’s all done and it has an awesome gym space as well. Even bigger than her previous one. I told her I’d like to move in. She laughed. I don’t think she understood I was being serious! 😉

There were 4 of us today and  I got to meet Lisa (Kath’s friend) and Keith (Kath’s brother). Lisa joined us a little late as she had a previous engagement and when I introduced myself to her, she asked if I knew Kath from Crossfit. Keith’s answer was: “Of course she does, she has the same shoulders as Kath. Crossfire shoulders.” I never thought of myself as having a “Crossfitter’s body shape”, but apparently, I have the shoulders of one and I totally took that as a compliment! Before Lisa showed up, Kath, Keith and I warmed up with this:



I can’t remember which weight I did for the KB hold, I think it was 26# in each hand. That was brutal enough for me, especially on the last round. I was having a hard time catching my breath from the erg and my arms were shaking while Keith rowed his last round. I managed to keep my rowing around 2:02-2:04 for each rounds and I was happy with that.

Once we were all warmed-up, we got into two teams (Keith and Lisa, Kathleen and myself) and went through the workout and strategized as to how to break it down. Kath and I decided to split the group work into 10 reps each, but we broke away from the original plan a bit as we went along.

Kath's masterplan!

Kath’s masterplan!

We set up outside of the garage and it was nice to workout in the last sun of the summer!

3-2-1-GO! Everybody took off running with Kath and Lisa literally gunning it. Keith was in the middle and I was bringing up the rear. Kath go back in first and because there was only 1 box to do BJ, she got dibs on it and the other team had to start on the KBS (we all did Russians). Kath did 15 BJs, I did 15 BJs, then she did 11 and I followed suit and she finished off the rest before we moved onto RKBS where we broke them off in sets of 15 (I was using 35#).

For the carries, I sandbagged it down to 26# because I couldn’t do the overhead carry with 35#. We each did 3 rounds and competition was kicking in with Keith and myself doing a little trot at some point to try to gain distance on the other team.

Kath and Lisa, doing some carries

Kath and Lisa, doing some carries. Do you see how gorgeous it is to workout in that scenery?

Kath and I finished the carries first and I hopped onto the assault bike first (after we fiddled with the seat height, me being the shorty that I am, had to drop it down to 2, while Kath had to crank it back up to 8)! We each did 0.6 on the assault bike and moved onto the GTO with the plates (I used 25#, maybe next time I’ll try 35#?)

We then set off for the last 400m run and Kath stayed behind, but I told her I had this and wanted to run by myself. Keith and Lisa had the crappy part seeing as there was only 1 assault bike, they had to start with the GTO plates, THEN do the assault bike, THEN go straight into the last run. With Keith being the last one on the bike, I really felt for him as he had no rest at all between the bike and the run. I went back out with him to help him finish up his run and he totally sprinted the last part! Well done!

I think Kath and mine’s time was around 23:51 and Keith and Lisa was 24:32 if I remember properly. It was fun! I got sweaty for the 5th time this week and it felt good.

Keith and I stayed in the garage and discussed the Whole30 for a bit (I’m starting a second round of it on September 1st) and he seemed intrigued! I will share some of my knowledge with him!

I came back home to an empty house, received a text from Ben that they were at the pool and went back out to meet up with them. It was a nice way to relax after a sweat fest and I even enjoyed some of the sprinklers in the kids’ pool on my Crossfitter’s shoulders! 😉

As we normally come home after the pool for dinner and the girls’ bedtime, I had only packed my PJs to wear afterwards (sweat pants and a tank top. This is something we normally do as it’s easier to just get the girls in their PJs at the pool, instead of having to change them back once home). Ben had other plans though and we ended up going out for dinner, me in my sweats and all! Super classy!!! Oh well, I didn’t care (too much)!

We are now back home, relaxing on the couch and the girls are already in bed. I think the pool tuckered them out and I will follow suit soon as I have Crossfit in the morning, followed by our suite inspection (our tenants are moving out) and I’m fairly sure I’ll have some cleaning to do in the suit before our new tenants move in! Yay! More cleaning, said no one ever!

Beach And Birthday Love

Phew! What a fund day we had today!

It all started with a fun Beach WOD that was held by our Box at Willows Beach. The setting was so pretty. Mt. Baker was so very visible in the distance and the ocean was just lying down in front of it. I really should have taken pictures, but I was too busy having fun with my Crossfit family. My real family was also there to cheer me on as Ben and the girls played on the beach while I worked a good sweat

The WOD was a team one that consisted of this:

In teams of 2 partners, 3 rounds for time:

  • 50 double KB thrusters
  • 50 burpees
  • 1km run
Uhm yeah! That was totally Kathleen and I when the team WOD was announced!

Uhm yeah! That was totally Kathleen and I when the team WOD was announced!

The thruster and burpees were 1 partner at-a-time and the run was both partners together. We started strong with the KB thrusters (2×26#) and that got heavy fast. Coach AJ said that was probably close to a 70# traditional thruster. I did my half and then moved onto the burpees. I still can’t believe I did all my burpees Rx! Who knew I could be good at burpees!?! I sure didn’t! Then we went out on the beach for the run. Rina was keeping pace with us. I was amazed at her form and stamina and also, at the fact that I could barely keep up with her. 😦 My 4 year-old is better at running than I am! Kathleen was nice enough to slllloooooooowwwwww down her pace by a lot and she stayed with me, even after I urged her to go on without me.

For our second round, Kathleen ran ahead to our KB spot and started us off strong. She looked so good doing the double KB thrusters! Fierce! I did 3 and then switched to 35# KB taters. I tried again and did 2, then switched back to KB taters. I was having some bladder issues doing the double KB thrusters, so yeah, that was fun! Not! I ploughed through the burpees though and those felt good. Kathleen’s shoulder started to bug her by the end of the thrusters and she decided to modify them on the last round. Off we went onto the beach for our second run. I was worn out, but Kathleen kept motivating me by urging me to take deep belly breath, pace my steps on my breaths and to use my “long, light legs”. I tried to imagine my legs being long and light, but had a really difficult time. Still, We took only a few breaks and went back to the KB.

Once again, Kathleen started us off strong and I just resolved to do my taters. Burpees were good and I just couldn’t believe how good I felt doing them Rx. Not only that, but since Kath had modified them to a plank burpee, I figured I’d give her shoulders a break and did 10 on my last set so she would only have one last set to do. She urged me to run to the stairs leading to the beach and I obliged. Once we made our way to the compact sand, she also suggested we run to the “first log on the beach” that was almost at our turnaround point. Had I been alone, I would have quit much before that point, but because she was by my side, I kept moving forward, one step at a time. She let me walk from the log to the rock and then we turned around. I had made up my mind to run back to the stairs and I even managed to pick up my pace! Kathleen was such a good coach. I told her many times to take off ahead of me, but she wouldn’t leave my side! Best. Partner. Ever! I made my way up the stairs and then, with Kathleen’s encouragement, I sprinted back to our KB before falling on all fours. We came in last in 37:50, but I was pretty happy with how I had done overall!

I was a bit stressed about making our way back home as I had planned a surprise birthday party for Ben’s 40th. There was no way I wouldn’t celebrate this special occasion and I had to rush back home as I had told people to come around 1215.

There was a screw-up with my food platters order and they weren’t ready when my SIL went to pick them up 😦 We had to wait an hour before they were ready for pick-up and other than that little hiccup, I think the lunch party was a success. Ben seemed genuinely surprised (he thought I had something planned at the beach) and he thanked me a bunch of times after everyone left. Now if you know my husband, you know he’s not a man of many words, so for him to be so thankful meant a lot to me! I guess I did good!

Birthday boy and his girls!

Birthday boy and his girls!

You see that cake? It was a hazelnut/chocolate cheesecake. Now, I’ve been resisting all the temptations since starting my Whole30, but today, I allowed myself to have a slice of that cake. On day 22, I made the full decision to have something non-Whole30 compliant. Will I start back my Whole30 from day one? Nope! I knew full well my husband’s birthday was in the middle of my Whole30 challenge and I had made the decision when I started it that I would have a slice of his birthday cake. I fully assume this decision and I refuse to stress about it. I will keep it going as strong as I can until I leave for Cuba in August, but until then, I feel better not having the processed stuff. Not sure I have more energy, but I sure sleep better and I seem to perform better when I do my WODs. Also, I haven’t had to rely on these since I started, and that is a huge bonus!

So long, trustee crutch!

So long, trustee crutch!

I posted this yesterday:

Said no to Bite-size brownies in order to rock my bikini in Cuba!

Said no to Bite-size brownies in order to rock my bikini in Cuba!

I may not have abs yet, but I have nice obliques and I,m so darn proud of my traps! The slice of cake was good, but I can feel it sitting in my throat now and although I’m glad I had it, it just goes to show that this much sugar doesn’t agree with me at all! Back on the Whole30 wagon as of now! 😉 I have given some of the cheesecake away to our guests and there’s about 1/4 of it left for Ben and the girls to have if they choose to have any. As for me, I’m more than happy to go back to my meat, veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds!


And Then, I Ran!!!

I was seriously considering not going to Crossfit this morning when my alarm went off at 0500. I have not been sleeping well for the past three nights, averaging 5hrs of sleep every night. I’ve been working 12hrs and coming home to super crabby baby girls who won’t go to bed before 2130 and 2230 on 2 separate nights. My usual bedtime is 2200 when I work a day shift, so that left me with no time at all to unwind coming home from work at 2000 and having to try and fight settle the girls for bed. I am beyond exhausted and I was seriously considering skipping this morning when I remembered that I’m paying for a membership, so I might as well go in order not to waste any money.

Warm-up: I did this with a 26# KB. I just couldn’t envision doing it with a 35# this morning and keeping proper body alignment. Too tired for that!

SkillNo skill today as the WOD was going to be longer.

WOD: That was a tough one.

  • Airdyne: I honestly think this machine was invented by the devil to give us a taste of hell on earth. I was teamed up with Mark (aka Coach Caleb’s dad) and Bo, 2 tall lean, mean, working machines. I decided to go first for all the rounds and I knew I was slowing them down. We also decided to do the WOD Rx so I knew I would slow us way down with the DUs, but they were ok with that. Once we were done with all 3 rounds of 0.4 on the Airdyne, it was time for the run…
  • 400m run x 3: I really wanted to take off and running, but instead, this is pretty much what happened


How I feel running uphill while being drunk


My legs felt like jelly and there was no way I could just push it, so I went out in a jog and slowly picked up the pace instead. It seemed to work as I did the first 400m without stopping for walking breaks (a first for me). I know it’s not much, but it’s the first time since I started Crossfit that I was able to run 400m non-stop. Little victories! What was even more amazing is that I managed to repeat my new PR for the other 2 rounds left! Proud as punch!

  • 40 DUs. I was lucky that Tracey decided to go to a later WOD today and although I was saddened at not being able to WOD with her, that also meant I was able to borrow her jump rope. Mine still hasn’t arrived (it is currently stuck at Customs Canada). I had to take my Nanos off as the rope kept getting stuck under my heels. I did my DUs in my socks only. It was painfully (seriously painful, whip marks all over the back of my legs) slow, but we managed to do 2 of our rounds before Bo had to leave for work. I started my 3rd round and while Mark did his 3rd, I offered to do 120 singles to make up for Bo’s missing round, but Mark was already on his way, well above the required 40 DUs and he did 80 in total so we wouldn’t forfeit the Rx. We finished in 41:20, last and well into the 0700 class.


I’m glad the boys stuck it out with me and agreed to have a slower time so I could Rx this one. Getting a little stronger every day and having the chance to challenge myself and push my limits is the only way I will improve. I came home and had some snuggles with Béa. Funny how she can be impossible to live with at bed time and the happiest baby when she wakes up!

Post shower cuddles, I'm still beet red in the face from the WOD

Post shower cuddles. I’m still beet red in the face from the WOD

The B-Monster at her best!

The B-Monster at her best!



Just Keep Going


I don’t know if it was the 5hrs of sleep and being woken up at 0400, or if it was the PR on the front squat, but today’s WOD did my little head in… in a bad way!

Skill: Front Squat 5×5 E2M

I love to squat! I warmed up to start this set at 85# and worked up to 100# on my 4th set, but I was done after that one. My form was getting wonky and therefore, I didn’t do a 5th set, but it was still a PR for my front squats! Yay!

Must squat with perfect form! 🙂

WOD: Partner Nurwor.

I had done this one once with Tracey and we both did the Airdyne instead of running back in October 2013, and again when I ran in January that we finished in 29:03. I had also done a Mini Nurwor (6 x 300m row, 300m run)

As for today, I was teamed up with Karen and I felt like quitting on the rows so many times on the rows. Once again, I was able to recover during the runs, even running for 350m without stopping on the last 2 rounds, but it was the rows that did me in. We finished in 29:28 this time around and I was not happy with my performance, both physical and mental. This WOD beats me mentally and I struggle every time to finish it. I guess it’s just one more thing to work on. Thank goodness I had my cheering squad telling me to just keep trucking along, just keep moving. That’s what I did and that’s how I got to finish it!

I guess I should just keep working on things then!

I guess I should just keep WODing then!

Sorry, I’m a bit of a Ryan Gosling memes addict! There’s actually a FB page of Ryan Gosling Crossfit memes, if you’re into such a thing (and who wouldn’t be?!?). He’s just so fine to look at! Kind of reminds me of my hubby a bit! 🙂

(I was gonna post a pic of my hubby on the beach, but I think he would kill me… You’ll just have to take my word for it!)

During the WOD, my left contact lens was bugging me. I had cleaned it before the WOD as is was itchy and it was still bugging me. I tossed it in the garbage post WOD and drove home with just one lens in. After my shower, I opened another new left lens (the one I tossed earlier was brand new) and tried to wear my contact lenses, but it was still hurting me too much to wear them. I took them off, flushed my eye with some saline and waited. The burning pain wasn’t going away, so I made my way to the walk-in clinic.

I don’t have a scratched cornea, but my vision was 20/30 on the left eye WITH my glasses on… Normally, with my glasses, I’m 20/20 on both eyes. So now, I have antibiotic/anti-inflammatory drops to put in today and I need to go back tomorrow if things don’t improve. What a way to end my vacation!

Small, But Noticeable Gains

Another hard wake-up call after a night of cuddling Béatrice for 2hrs. It all started at 0115 when Rina woke up with a tummy ache. Nothing a quick trip to the washroom and a few toots could cure! 😉 I thought I was golden to go back to bed, but Béatrice had other plans. She was wide awake and ready to go. I tried to rock her in the chair in the girls’ room, but she wouldn’t settle. We moved to the living room, where I cuddle her, rubbed her back and massaged her back and neck until I felt her relax in my arms. Finally, I went back to bed around 0300 and slept until 0500 when Rina got up. I dragged her back to bed with us and fell back asleep until my alarm woke me up at 0600. I was exhausted, but I knew I had to get up: Crossfit awaited! 🙂

I recently read a blog post about Crossfit and how the key was just to “keep moving” (I wanted to link back to it, but cannot find the post for the life of me), and even though I was already tired, I entered the box with this mentality. I knew it would be hard, but I would keep moving.

It just so happened that there were 3 of us that showed up for the 0700 class this morning so we each went at it together and rested together.

Warming up with the wall walks, I wasn’t thrilled about them going in, but I soon realized they were a lot easier than I remembered them to be. I got fairly close to the wall and my arms felt strong. Even though my upper body is my weakest, I guess I am still making progress and I was thrilled to find that out! I was also able to string the 10 knee raise once I moved away from the taped-up pull-up bar. That tape just destroyed my (already cracked and bleeding) hands. It has been a little colder here and being back to work and having to wash my hands about 100x/shift  with anti-bacterial soap has damaged my hands. The tape on the bar just killed them this morning!

I did the KB Bottoms Up “Curl and Press” with a 13# KB. The curling part was extremely wobbly with my left arm and even though it was easy on the right, the left was a challenge.

For the WOD, I was paired up with Kim and Brett (I knew neither of them) and we just plucked at it. I did the FG with the red and blue bands for my pull-ups and full-on push-ups and we finished with a total score of 432. My contribution was 126 (40 cals for the row, 69 reps for Cindy and 17 runs) which turned out to be 29%. Not quite up to the 33% I was aiming for, but not too far off either. I managed to string out 4 pull-ups in a row with those bands on every reps and I was pretty happy with that. Once I’ll be able to do 6 in a row, I’ll change the bands again! Small, but noticeable gains!

During the WOD, I just kept telling myself “Just keep moving, you can be slow as heck, but keep moving” and I did for the most part. A few of the runs were started with one or two walking steps, but I always picked up the pace afterwards and I’m pretty happy with that. Same with the burpees, a few of them were done “grandma”-style, but I picked it up and never stopped. It gave me great results and it should be my mantra from now on. I have realized that dropping from 3 days/week to 2 days/week has made me lose some of my endurance, and I need to work on my cardio more if I want to perform better, but I haven’t lost my drive and I will keep going no matter what.

In other news, Rina has started her new Preschool (fully French) this week and when I picked her up today, the teacher told me it was as if she had always been part of the group. She is integrating herself well within the group, and I was relieved to hear that. She and a volunteer also mentioned that she was extremely independent (nothing new to my ears) and she loves to play with water in the sink (again, nothing new)! Here’s hoping to soon hear her speak a little more French to me! 🙂