Barely Mobilizing

I flip-flopped around going to the Box this morning all night, literally. Rina woke up at 0100 demanding medicine for her mouth. Then it was Douchebag Neighbour’s turn to be having arguments outside at 0230 and again at 0400. At that point, I angrily got dressed and was outside, ready to let him know that some people would like to sleep at night, but he had gone back inside his place… To say I was fuming would be minimizing my feelings…

Since I never fell back asleep and was ticked off to no end, I figured I’d go do the WOD, scale things wayyyyyy down (I still can barely move my legs from the competition last Sunday) and get some of my frustrations out. On the plus side, It also guarantees I get a good nap before heading in to work tonight. I felt a bit less enthusiastic and a little more deflated when I saw this:

Warm-up: I picked up the women’s bar (35#) and I could have sworn it was a men’s bar (45#). I actually had to look at the weight on the side to make sure. The empty bar felt so heavy. That didn’t bode well for the warm-up… Those deadlifts and front squats got a few good grunts out of me. My quads, glutes and hamstrings are all still very angry at my tied 3rd place on Sunday. 😦

Skill: After warming up with 2 mandatory wall-walks, I was ready to go! The wall-walks are still way scarier to me than the actual handstand practice, but I feel a lot better about them, now that I have broken through the barrier of putting my abdomen to the wall when I do them.

I had a few good balance off the wall with my 2 spotters and one that was really good until something pinched in my right wrist and made me lose my focus. There’s always next time!

WOD: This was a long AMRAP and it was vaguely familiar since I had done KB lunges just Sunday. Today, however, I scaled it way down, using an 18# KB and although I went really light, I tried to lunge twice and my quads were just too sore. I asked Coach Caleb what to sub it with and we agreed on 20×18# AKBS.

That was me Sunday... I did more of these today!

That was me Sunday… I did more of these today, at half the weight! (Thanks Jenn for the pic! 😉 )

I finished with a total of 51 (3 full rounds) even though I was actually running my 4th interval when the timer went off, it didn’t count towards my score. I didn’t really mind because I actually managed to “run” all my 600m non-stop. I don’t think I will ever fly down the road when running is involved, but at least, I seem to have been able to keep the walking breaks at bay. Plus, my goal for today was to just get my body moving and mobilizing. I didn’t go in with any expectations of crushing this one, but I was glad I didn’t stop moving for those 25 mins.


In other news, the new windows are almost all installed in the house. There’s only 2 left to do and although they are new and efficient, I’m glad we went along with the same style as the original windows of the house. It keeps the character intact and increases the energy efficiency of the house. I can’t wait for it all to be done and then we’ll be able to turn on the heat in here. It’s been a chill day (only 14°C today and cloudy) and having the windows and doors open has made the house very cool! Thankfully, I have my trusted allies: hot water bottle and Padraig slippers!