Beasting Out!

I have had a few busy days at work and have been forced to take tonight off (I have yet another eye infection and my superiors don’t want me at work 😦 ).

I got up this morning, got the little one ready for school, made sure the other one wasn’t still running a fever (she had one last night) and then got myself ready to go to Crossfit for this:


I managed a perfect Rowl on my 2nd attempt at the warm-up and, already, I was off to a good start. Nic managed to have 2 or 3 perfect row at 100m even! That guy is unbelievable!

Skill: Trap Bar or Axle Bar Deadlift 6×3 E90S

I have missed all of these lately due to work, so I really didn’t know what weight to use. I still felt strong in the second to last set so I decided to bump my final weight by 10# instead of my usual 5# and Coach Caileigh agreed with my decision. Here is my progression:



WOD: Taranis 2012 Run Burpee Run

I had done this WOD RX back in 2014 and had finished with a time of 14:09,I had taken a few walking breaks and had done all my burpees granny-style, broken into sets of 10. Today, I was determined to repeat it without any walking breaks and try to do all my burpees Rx. We set out for the 1st run and  Nicole was a good rabbit for me. She ended up getting further ahead of me on the second 400m (we do an out-and-back of 400m and just repeat if the mileage is higher), but I was ok with that. I didn’t want to push too hard on the first 400m and tank out at the end.

I came in last for the burpees, but not by much. We had 5 stations of 10 burpees to go through so I set out to work. I broke my burpees into sets of 5, rested for 3 deep breaths in-between and just kept chipping at it. I was surprised to arrive at my last set not that much behind everyone else and I was still doing all my burpees Rx!

I set out for the last 400m run and I felt good, taking advantage of the downhills and slowing down significantly on the uphills, but trying to lengthen my stride as best I could. I came in last and looked at the clock and was so pumped to see my time: 12:58! I had just shaved off 1:21 from my previous PR and that was for an Rx WOD! Heck yeah!


New PR!

New PR!

I felt so good to have not only done all the runs non-stop, but the burpees Rx as well! It made me feel like I was a real bad ass!

PR face! Happy and sweaty!

PR face! Happy and sweaty!


Am I becoming a beast?!? I sure hope so!

Am I becoming a beast?!? I sure hope so!

I came back home and was very energized by the entire workout today. Just one of those days when everything goes well in the gym and it makes me feel good about myself! I love when I push myself and gauge a WOD perfectly that it is challenging very challenging, but I still have enough in the tank to finish strong!

I went back to the walk-in clinic to get confirmation that I had yet another stye in my eye and to just keep using the antibiotic drops I had been using. Ugh. I went out and bought all new makeup to se once the infection will have cleared up as I’m suspecting that is the culprit for spreading it from eye to eye…

I came back home to a sleeping Béa and I went to pick-up Rina at the bus stop. Everybody is tired from their week and I can’t wait to relax on the couch this evening after the girls have gone to bed. Ben will be home late and it will be the perfect evening for me to catch up on my TV shows!


WallBalls… ‘Nough Said!

Béatrice has fallen back into her old patterns of waking up in the middle of the night and it’s taken its toll on this Mama… My alarm woke me up at 0500 for this:


Albert said it best!


Skill: Those we new today and it was fun to learn new technique. I teamed up with Marika, Tracey and Telsey and we got to learn the different techniques. We worked up to about 105# for the trap bar and that was enough for me. As for the axle bar, I think Telsey and I were working with around 60# and my grip was definitely challenged with this weight, even with a reverse grip.

WOD: Money Ball

The last time I had done this one was back in December 2013 and I had scaled it with 10# wall balls. Today was my first attempt RX and I teamed up with Telsey. I had forgotten that 14# wallballs were RX for women and I thought I was still scaling it down. Telsey stuck with the 14# ball even though she had been off for 6 weeks for an ankle issue. I realized mid-WOD that we were both doing RX and the rowing was killing me slowly. I tried to break down the wallballs in sets of 5, but the erg was just sucking the life out of me. My pace was beyond crap and I was hanging on to the handle for dear life.

Telsey had to drop the erg on the second go at it because her ankle was bugging her too much and she switched to the Airdyne and pushed through the wallballs. She managed to finish her last stint on the Airdyne, but had to leave, so Tracey was kind enough to finish the wallballs (unbroken, such a BAM!!!) after I was done with mine.

Overall time: 25:43 RX! Pretty happy to add another RX next to that one because that means a new PR for me!

I came back home and kept going with the deep cleaning of the house. I finished the upstairs as well as the staircase and Nanny was nice enough to help me sort out the girls’ crap toys while they were in their quiet time upstairs. 1 full garbage bag of crap was pulled out and will be going to the dump (toys that are useless to other kids, missing parts, broken, etc…) and we can now close the lids of the window boxes. On the books for tomorrow, vacuuming downstairs and then, resting a bit before tackling the downstairs! I’m pretty optimist that I will manage to clean the entire house before I head back to work!

Rx-ing On The Mend!

I didn’t go to Crossfit yesterday. I really wanted to, but I was feeling really crappy. My sinuses were at their worst, i couldn’t breathe and had very little energy, so I stayed home. Ben also stayed home and helped out with the kids in the morning and I was really thankful. He’s also coming down with this nasty cold we all have and I was glad he pitched in even though he felt like crap too. We did laundry together and it was done in no time at all, which allowed me to lie down on the couch while the girls took their afternoon nap.

I hadn’t gone to Crossfit in a week and I could feel my determination dwindling by the hour. It scared me. I am totally committed to making myself better and it was scary to see that a week away from the box was all it took for me to start thinking about not going, about slowly giving up. So, this morning, even though it would have been easy to make more excuses and miss the WOD, I got up and showed up. Instead of telling myself “you’re still a bit stuffed up, you should just rest some more”, I switched it up to “Do you best, just keep moving, even if it’s slower than usual, at least you’re making the effort and commitment. You paid for it, might as well go!”

I had looked at the WOD last night and it didn’t look enticing at all:

I was already getting a good sweat from the warm-up and had a hard time to breathe, but I just kept telling myself “Just keep moving, you got this”.

After the official warm-up, we warmed up more specifically for the WOD; working on our rowing technique, our Taters and Burpees. Coach Caleb gave us good advice about going 85-90% on the row so we would still have some gas in the tank for the burpees and Taters. I warmed up with a 26# KB for the Taters and was debating going for the 35#. I have never done a WOD with a 35#KB anything, so this was challenging. I figured, try it, you’ll have a few less reps, but it will be Rx! I brought the 35#KB on my mat, did a few Taters with it and it was HEAVY! As I strapped my feet in the Erg, Coach Caleb sneakily grabbed my 26#KB with his foot and slowly moved it away from my mat, all the while staring at me with a sneaky smile on his face. I guess I was going to Rx this WOD whether I wanted to or not!

My total score was 187-Rx! 🙂

  • Row: 37-34-33
  • Burpees: 20-17-18
  • Taters: 8-10-10

On my 1st round of Taters, I was really struggling to hang on to the KB. At one point, I lost my grip and only caught the KB with my forearm.

A friend posted this on Facebook this morning and it was perfect! My forearm is already bruising and I'm sure it'll look worst as the day goes on. Next time, I'm dropping that KB!

A friend posted this on Facebook this morning and it was perfect! My forearm is already bruising and I’m sure it’ll look worst as the day goes on. Next time, I’m dropping that KB!

Now, usually, I only compete against myself and don’t care about everybody else’s scores, but lately, I have been comparing to 2-3 other girls who work out at my Box and we are all pretty much at the same level. Not that they know about my little personal competition against them, but I like to see where I stand compared to them. Let’s just say I did good today! 🙂 I guess I owe it all to Coach Caleb and his stealing away my 26#KB, otherwise, I wouldn’t have done as well! Thanks Coach! You’re the best at knowing when I should push myself! 😉

PR and Rx! ‘Nough Said!

I looked at the WOD last night and I was actually excited about going back to the Box. It has been 6 days since my last WOD and I definitely missed the Box. Hi! My name is Val and I’m addicted to I love Crossfit!

Skill: I did all my reps with 45#. Feeling a little better about my form on that lift and it was a PR. All good!

For the WOD, I teamed up with Shela. I started the reps and after the 500m row, that box felt like jumping on top of Everest. My legs were all jelly! Shela drew blood on her first box jump and I felt bad for her, but she did really good for all the other ones. On my last set, I almost fell forward after a particular box jump and caught myself. There was a lot of internal positive self-talk (for once) and I may have done a little celebratory butt-jiggle-dance once I regained my balance. I was in my WOD bubble and hadn’t noticed everybody else being done and cheering us on. Some people laughed and that’s when I realized everybody was around us. OOops!

We finished last at 26:00, but it was freakin’ RX! I don’t get a lot of those so I was pretty pumped! Josh said it better:

Val, you’re the shortest here and it’s a tall-person WOD. You did good!

Damn right I did. I PR’d and Rx’d the crap out of today… Like a boss! 🙂

Came back home and showered. While I was getting dressed, I flexed my belly a bit (don’t judge, you do it too!) and I thought I could see the beginning of a 1-pack. I showed Ben and he confirmed it! Slowly making progress!

It’s good to be back!

Tears of joy!

After the evening I had yesterday, the night didn’t get any better. Ben only got home at 2300 and the girls kept taking turns at waking each other up crying. I think I totalled 3hrs of sleep. Ugh! Let’s just say, I debated a long time (maybe 2 mins. That’s a LONG time for me as I NEVER snooze and am usually up by the time my alarm finishes its first round of ringing) about getting up when my alarm went off, but I figured, you’re awake, go and get it done!

Yeah… I thought I was going to need a bucket BEFORE we even started the warm-up, so that didn’t bode well… I always get nauseous when I’m running on fumes, sleep-wise…

I slacked off also on the back squats. For some reason, I thought I’d never done the 3-2-1 progression, but it turns out I did at 65# (Mark, if you read this, you were right and I was wrong! Sorry!). Today, I only used 55#. Live and learn!

I think there were only 6 of us this morning (can’t remember for sure, everything was a blur) and since my shins were acting up from all the double unders (stupid shin splints), I was doomed to modify with 0.5 mile on the Airdyne and 500m row.

"Send Off" or F*ck you Airdyne!

Damien,-spawn-of-everything-evil Airdyne

Tracey is still struggling with her knee, so it made sense for us to partner up. We were gonna do the 5 rounds. Airdyne 0.5 mile x 5 = SUCKING AIR big time and looking for a bucket multiple times! Tracey was the best partner to have for this WOD. She is so sweet and kind and always encouraging. I had 2 goals for this WOD: finishing and not swearing. I managed both before I burst into tears when I finished the last row. I was so proud of myself for getting through this very unpleasant 25 mins! It took a lot out of me. I had to zone out many times, just closing my eyes and not looking at how slow the numbers were moving on the erg or the dyne. I just kept rowing/biking and I even managed a slow sprint on the erg at the end. My erg average was brutal today. couldn’t go below 2:22/500m and I was more often closer to 2:30/500m, but I’m glad I sucked it up and finished!

We finished with a time of 25:13. Coach Cam allowed us to write it Rx on the white board! 🙂 I should have taken a picture, it was my first Rx ever! It completely skipped my mind. I guess I was too busy trying to breathe while swallowing back a little vomit. As I was stretching on the floor, there literally was smoke floating in front of my face. I guess my body was so hot, I was fuming!

I came home and was hoping for a relaxing bath, but Rina was adamant about hanging out in the bathroom with me while I bathed so I cut it short and we all went out for breakfast! I had 2 eggs, a sweet potato has and some homemade sausage. It did the trick, even though my hands were still shaking from the exhaustion of the WOD. Fun times all around!

I’m hoping to go yarn shopping BY MYSELF today. Maybe the fact that I have yarn for my next project will somehow make me knit the Froth Mobius faster. That thing is never ending and although it is for a special person, I am way over it!

I’ll leave you with some pictures I took with Béatrice yesterday while Rina was napping. Everybody is getting a cold in this household so we’ll just bunker in for Thanksgiving (in Canada) this weekend!



Family of big eyes!

Family of big eyes!

She is now pulling herself up to stand!

She is now pulling herself up to stand!

I Rx’d the crap outta Felix! Booyah!

I know my title is a bit ghetto, but let me explain.

As per instructions (lord knows I’m a stickler for instructions, it’s because I’m a Type A!), I decided to start my squats at 45# and slowly increase from there. In my head, I thought I would go from 45# to 50# and 55#. I never said I was good at math because I ended up doing 45# to 55#, 65# and finished maxed up at 75#! Those 2 reps at 75# were challenging enough that I had a hard time getting up from my squat on the 2nd rep. I stayed at 75# for the last 3 sets. Not too shabby, considering I’m almost halfway through one of my goals!

Then, it was time to partner up for the WOD (Felix). I usually have a hard time with my rowing so I was gonna go into it doing the FG (Fitness Group) scaled version, but I was paired up with Raj and he was going for the Rx (as prescribed). I told him I could push myself to do it, that I won’t be fast, but I’d get ‘er done! I think we finished dead last, but I was just happy I had done my very 1st WOD Rx! Yay me! I was mostly afraid of the 1000m, but it ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be. I just paced myself and allowed for strong rows and longer recoveries and it seemed to work well for me. I saved my strength for the 500m and 250m in order to push a little stronger and attempt to sprint. I don’t know if Raj is happy with this time, but I sure am! 🙂

Yesterday, we went to play with Katie and her gorgeous twins. The girls had an awesome time and Rina slept like a rock! She was telling me how much fun she had with the girls and how she enjoyed playing in the pool. Katie has a really nice house on the beach and it was nice to be able to let the girls play outside without having to watch them like a hawk.

Look at that view! Béatrice was really enjoying it!


Pool time!


Our backyard has been hostage under renovation since the beginning of May, with rocks, rusty nails and lumber thrown all over the backyard as our landlords are renovating the bachelor pad in it. Can I just say that I’m way over this whole reno thing? Having to close the patio door when it’s hot outside because of the noise from the nail compressor (that has to be plugged in right next to my patio door) or to prevent all the dust from entering my kitchen. Not to mention the fact that we have no nice outdoor place to go and play, confined to the front yard that has no fence and is close to the street or that I have to move my car at least once a day to make room for the construction trucks… Yeah, I’m over it alright!

It’s another gorgeous day here and although I don’t know what I have in mind for the girls today, we’ll make the best of it. Now I’m off to be SuperMom for the rest of the day!