Customer Service Fail VS Win

Picture this.

A mom is entering the shopping mall at opening time with two young toddlers, say ages 2 and 4. She has recently lost some weight and when she does her Crossfit workouts, her undies slip down to her knees inside her leggings, so she’s hoping to buy new (smaller) undies and bras (because yes, the boobs have also shrunk with the weight loss).

She enters a store (Ahem Aerie) where they have a sale on undies (buy 7 for a certain price), but the undies aren’t all the same models. Now, the mom has already spent 15 mins in the change room trying on bras and she feels her 2-year-old getting close to her waiting limit (i.e.. she’s now comfortable in her new environment and is now playing tornado with her older sister in the store), so she’s hoping to try on the undies with a new time PR only to be told by the clerk that there is a limit of 1 undies in the change room at a time… Do you seriously expect me to get undressed and get dressed up again 14 different times (that’s how many undies I had to try on) with 2 young children with me??? You have got to be kidding me! I bought the 2 bras that fit me and walked out of that store after I made a point of explaining my situation to the cashier and how it was a big fail for their customers.

I walk into a different lingerie store (Ahem, La Senza). The clerk sets her up in the biggest changing room they have so the mom can have her young children with her while she tries on undies. After selecting a few models (she tried on more than one at-a-time in the fitting room), the clerk happily gives the two toddlers shopping bags while the mom puts her selection in her daughter’s bags. The clerk even leaves the mom for a minute, only to return with stickers for the little ones. Now, That’s winning customer service! Not only did I find undies that fit on a discounted price, but the clerk was amazing at helping me out dealing with two slowly-growing-impatient children! Kudos to you Miss Manager!

Then, the mom decides to stop at American Eagle (a sister company to Aerie) to try on a few tank tops. She decides on 4 that she likes (same model, different colours. Hey, if it fits you, buy in bulk!) She asks a clerk if there’s a discount if she buys more than one. The clerk scans the tank tops, but says that unfortunately, they are all regular price ($17.95). Fair enough, I like the tank tops enough to pay full price.

I get to the register and the friendly clerk starts scanning my purchases and then I see discounted prices appearing on the till screen.

Me: Oh, so there is a sale on them if you buy more than one after all?

Clerk: No, but I gave you a discount because you were buying so many.

Me: Wow! Thanks for this, I really appreciate it!

Turns out, he gave me one free tank top out of the four I purchased! Customer service win again! How come one company was so accommodating, while its sister company was so… not?!?

I guess I’ll never find out, but as a reward to my very patient fashion consultants (Rina & Béatrice) we ended our shopping trip at Toys R Us and they are now the new owners of bright pink little scooters! (Ok, I had planned all along to get them the scooters, but I may have mentioned a surprise for them if they behaved while shopping… Don’t tell them!)

A Fun-Filled Day in Pictures

This post is picture heavy, you’ve been warned…

After I came back home from Crossfit Qualicum Beach (you can read all about that here), I had a quick breakfast and since the sun decided to make an appearance so we jumped on the occasion and made our way down to the beach with our sand pails and shovels and a skittish Rina who wasn’t enthused at all at the amount of small crabs on the beach. The tide was on its way out which meant we had about 2 km of sandbar to play with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We came back to the condo once the clouds reappeared (it got chilly fast) for a quick lunch and finishing up a load of laundry. Ben had found a flyer at the laundromat about a place in Nanaimo called Jumping Jiminy’s. It’s an indoor playground centre. We decided to forgo the girls’ nap this afternoon to take them there. That place was the absolute bomb! I’m not sure who got the most fun out of that place, the little people or the big people enjoying supervising the whole thing! There are many huge infrastructures to climb, obstacles to avoid and crawl through and many big and fast slides. Ben and I had just as much fun getting the girls through the obstacle course as I’m sure they had.

I know this is extra blurry, but look at how much fun Daddy is having!

I know this is extra blurry, but look at how much fun Daddy is having!

Ben referred to the place as the American Ninja Warrior parcour for kids. We all had so much fun and after an hour and a half, the grown ups were getting tired and sweaty. We had to bribe the girls with ice cream in order to leave the place and even with that, Rina was in tears and didn’t want to go 😦

Once we were done at the mandatory DQ pit stop, we decided to do some shopping in Nanaimo. We went to Country Club Centre where Ben was looking for a baseball hat to cover his noggin from the sun. He found one that was quite fetching in my opinion:

Photo 2014-07-24, 2 55 38 PM

We went to Home Depot (of course! Now that we’re home owners, that’s our new hangout spot with Costco! 😉 ) where I bought the Better Living Foam Dispenser.

Lucas had that soap pump at CFQC this morning. I asked him where he had gotten it from and I bought 3 for the house (kitchen and both bathrooms). I had been looking for something similar for a while and I’m glad I found them for such a great price (about $16 each). After much discussion, Ben decided to purchase a new shower head (I don’t think it will get the suds out of my hair very well, but we’ll see… I have a thick head of hair and I’m picky about my shower heads). After all that fun grown-up time, we headed back to the condo to enjoy the pool and hot tub with the girls before dinner. All I have to say is that by 1730, I was ready to call it a day. I had been up for 12 hrs at that point and I was getting hungry. We packed the girls up and headed back for dinner where Béa thought this was proper table manners:

Baby feet for dinner it is!

Baby feet for dinner it is!

We crammed a lot into today and we have another busy day tomorrow, a friend of ours is getting married! Let’s just hope the girls are on their best behaviour! As for Saturday, we are planning to take the girls to the Sand Sculpting Competition and we will also attempt mini golf with them! I will finish with 2 pictures I took yesterday evening:

Mandatory sunset in the clouds

Mandatory sunset in the clouds

Deer (or reindeer as Rina called it) just chillin' outside our window. Rina kept calling for Santa to come on over after she saw the "reindeer"!

Deer (or reindeer as Rina called it) just chill in’ outside our window. Rina kept calling for Santa to come on over after she saw the “reindeer”!

Running Like A Russian Bull!

I read the WOD last night and I thought: Russian Bull, Russian Bull, Russian Bullsh** if you ask me! Here’s why:

I showed up for the 0700 class this morning and was ready to tackle this like the monster it sounded like. After all, I did 14.5 in 38 mins, I could probably go through this one as well!

WOD: I used the following modifications for the WOD:

  • Running, walking, crawling whatever got me through each rounds of 600m run
  • red and green bands for my strict pull-ups
  • HR push-ups Rx
  • Double crunches Rx
  • lunges Rx
  • 26# offset KB rack carries

It was tough, but still a lot easier than 14.5. I don’t think anything will ever be as tough as 14.5 (famous last words! 😉 ) I really wanted to get at least one stretch of 600m without stopping, but I didn’t manage to do so. At one point, I was really struggling for the run and I saw AJ who was just floating. She wasn’t gunning it, she was using the run for recovery and was going at a slower, steadier pace. I followed her example and was actually able to do a little bit better and actually recover a bit. I still needed to take a few walking breaks, but I felt better.

I managed 4 full round + the following:

  • 600m run
  • 6 strict pull-ups
  • 8 HR push-ups Rx
  • 5 Double crunches.

That means I ran/walked a total of 3km under 40 minutes and still managed to do other “stuff” during those 40 mins. It wasn’t pretty and I probably did look like I was a Russian bull running on the street, but I made it through those 3km and for a non-runner, I am super proud of myself! 🙂 The fact that I never quit, even though it was already so freakin’ hot (I even took off my tank top and did the WOD in my sports bra, that’s how much I didn’t care anymore!), but I kept going, one task at a time, kept pushing. What was even more impressive was that everybody was cheering each other on during the runs. Even more incredible, people were smiling while providing encouraging words and it made me smile back at them. Yep! That’s right. I was running AND smiling! Who would have thunk it!

For the rest of the day, I am cleaning my duvet (filled with orange juice, thanks to Rina), doing some more laundry and going hunting for a fan for our room and the girls’ room. It’s been extremely hot here lately and our upstairs gets steaming in the evening. Last night, we had the girls with us on the couch until 2130 because they just couldn’t sleep it was so hot. Needless to say, I went to bed shortly after so I had no time to myself at all coming home from work. I’m hoping the fans will help us all sleep a little better throughout the summer.

In other news, we have a couple who will come and view our suite tonight. Hopefully, they don’t get scared by the lack of carpet in it and are decent people… We’ll see!

Another week of menus and you’re whispering…

Sweet Rina,

Since your dad was helping out a lot with you today, I managed to cook a TON of food for the upcoming week. It all began this morning as I made some homemade almond milk based on the steps found here. Then, when you got up from your long nap (2hrs!!!), we all took off to do some shopping downtown. When we came back home, we Skype-d your Grandma and Nonno and I then left to run some errands and get some ingredients I was missing in order to cook my menu for the upcoming week. While your dad was taking care of you and watching the Masters, I made a real housewife of myself and got cooking!

Breakfast: Warm and Nutty Cinnamon Quinoa Recipe from 101 Cookbooks

Lunch: Red Lentil-Cauliflower Curry (from Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook) that I will serve on either quinoa or short-grain brown rice

Dinner: Chickpea Cutlets (also from Veganomicon) slightly modified as I didn’t have breadcrumbs (I used oats that I slowly ground in my crappy manually-operated food processor!) that I will serve with a salad and veggies.

Speaking of food processor, I will purchase a decent one seeing as I get a tax refund this year. I plan on getting a 12-cups Kitchen-Aid one. I can’t wait to get my hands on it as it would’ve saved me a ton of time while preparing my food for the week!

On another note, you’ve taught yourself to whisper a few days ago (Daddy says: “Except between 2-4pm” as you’re still a bit cranky during those hours! 😉 ). I’ve tried to capture you on video, but of course, you stop as soon as the camera is on. My French readers will get the reference when I say that you wound like Sol and keep repeating “Whooooa!” while whispering. It’s quite funny actually! Tomorrow is weigh-in day. Let’s hope I’ve gone down again!

Sleep well my little angel!

Mom & Dad Xxo