Progression in Regression

After a fun weekend on the oceanfront and a much better night of sleep, I showed up to the Box for my beloved 0600 class this morning. I’m still coughing and my sinuses are still doing some funky drunken debauchery, but it’s been over a week now, so I felt like I could probably go and “throw down”! (HA!)

Kelsey isn’t nice at all. I scaled it down to the TG and even then, I was struggling. I had to stop to catch my breath, cough, blow my nose and break down the reps in sets of 5-6 max. It felt like forever and I felt like I did back in August when I first started Crossfit: Absolutely no lung capacity whatsoever. At one point, I was beating myself up with my inner dialogue that was going something like this:

Jesus Fu** (Favorite swear words) this sucks! I can’t even do one set of movements without breaking it down into sets. Might as well re-register for the OnRamp! Come on, you’re only doing 2 rounds, keep pushing, screw your cold. One more rep, you’re one more rep closer to the finish.  Keep pushing, finish your 2 rounds.

I did not feel proud to finish in 16:08. I took so many breaks, it was almost sad. I am so weak in my shoulders, I even had to take 2 breaks and stretch my neck and shoulders as my right trapeze was slowly seizing. Yes, it was that bad! Even worst, I was only using the training bar + 10# (which I think comes up to 20# total) and I subbed the DU for 46 single skips.

At the same time, I was sort of proud that I did all my box jumps Rx (no stepping up) and same with my burpees (no granny-style for me). It is something I wouldn’t have been able to do back in August. I guess I made progress even though it felt like “1 step forward, 40 steps back” today. I just need to get over this cold STAT so I can keep progressing (or at least, performing) like I’m used to. Then again, I can do this multiple times a day and I credit Crossfit for it:

Crossfit pays off! Carrying both girls at once!

Crossfit pays off! Carrying both girls at once!

I came back home to do some cleaning and laundry and thanks to Mamie distracting the girls, I was done earlier than usual and I was able to go get my flu shot. Keeping my fingers crossed it won’t make things worst for me and my current cold!

Change of Pace

I did the responsible thing this morning and skipped the WOD as per Coach Caleb’s advice on Wednesday. I’m still stuffed up and coughing so I decided to take a rest day. That also meant that we were able to hit the road a little earlier for our Girls’ Weekend Getaway to Parksville! My mom and I decided to go away for the weekend and we took the girls with us since Ben is working at a social event at the club anyway. I am currently sitting on a couch, next to the fireplace and with a wonderful view of the ocean. I think it will do me the world of good and we will be able to relax on this grey and rainy weekend!

I plan on walking along the beach with the girls tomorrow, rain or shine and will post some pics then! For now, my knitting needles are calling me!


Kill me now

I lost my voice, have a nasty sore throat, headache and earache. Rina is coughing and producing mucus like it’s going out of style. Béatrice is teething and, so far, has escaped our germs. Ben just left for the weekend. Thank god Mamie arrives tomorrow. It doesn’t matter how old you are, sometimes, you just need your mom!