The afternoon and evening after…

Darling Rina,

This is my second post today, but I feel the need to write. You have been a challenge today as you were completely exhausted, but refused to sleep. Actually, you wanted to sleep… only in my arms and it’s not something I normally do except in the afternoon, when you get to your witching hour before bath time. I tried lying next to you on the futon to put you to sleep which worked for about 5 mins. Then, I tried putting you to sleep in my arms and putting you down after, only to have you waking up as soon as you touched your mattress and start crying. We pretty much spent the entire day playing that game, with me trying to put you down and you being overtired all day.

Needless to say I haven’t had time to do any workout today. Add to it that my cold is worst today (I’m praying for a good night of rest so I can do my 2nd run/walk tomorrow). I barely had time to do laundry and still have to fold 2 baskets worth of clothes. As I was eating dinner, I took the opportunity to watch some TV and fell on The Biggest Loser and as sappy as it sounds, I was bawling my tired/sick eyes out when Arthur got on the scale. It inspired me to at least attempt some yoga targeted at runners and repeat the stretches for my shins. Depending on how things go, I may do the Challenges too.

Trying to tire you out so you'll sleep

Doing some crunches in the meantime!

So I’ll get to it now and the baskets of laundry folding will just have to wait a bit longer. I’m taking some well-deserved time for me right now!

Hopefully, you’ll get a restful night and will be better tomorrow!


Mom & Dad Xxo

Feb.16, 2011: Meeting the Frenchies!

Little Rina,

Today, you got to meet some of my relative. The French ones. You know, the loud ones who speak with their hands? That’s right, just like your Mama! You weren’t too impressed and after giving them a few smiles, you let them know you weren’t interested (by crying at EVERY single new face that came within your sight!). Once they understood that, you settled nicely in my arms and slept through the rest of their visit!

You napped pretty well this morning and had a longer nap in my arms while the family was here. You also gave me a really nice night last night, sleeping 11h30 and only waking up twice! Hopefully, you can repeat the same thing tonight πŸ™‚

Tonight, I decided to hop in the tub with you while I was giving you a quick wash, as the tub here is very deep and it’s been killing my back to bathe you in there. You didn’t seem to mind the company too much and it was a lot easier for me to bathe you that way. πŸ™‚ After I put you to bed, I had dinner with my parents and did my Challenges workouts. Β Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be really warm here and if we don’t get any visitors, I really want to go for a walk with you. I’ve been suffering from a bit of cabin fever ever since arriving on the east coast (with being used to going for a walk/hike on an almost daily basis at home) and I need to get a move on!

Below are a few pictures I took of you in your cute little outfit to meet the Frenchies! πŸ˜‰


I didn’t get to talk to your dad a lot today as he’s been really busy with work and the time difference is a bit hard to work into a decent phone conversation. I’ll maybe try to call him when you wake up for your midnight feed. Hopefully, he’ll have time to talk a bit as I really miss him 😦

Sleep well little angel!

Mom & Dad Xxo

Feb.14, 2011: Happy lovers’ day!

Sweet Rina!,

We left your Nonno and grand-mother this morning to drive back to your Mamie and Grand-Papa’s house. It was raining in Ontario and pretty much started to snow at the Quebec border. You, once again, travelled very well and pretty much slept the whole way through and I took the opportunity to nap as I was sitting in the back with you! πŸ™‚ I unpacked quickly, did massive amounts of laundry (I thought your dad was producing a lot of dirty laundry, but it’s a tie between the 2 of you!), bathed you, fed you and put you to bed, did my Challenges workouts (repeating week 2 as I never did my 3rd workout last week. It’s hard to stick to a schedule when you’re on the road) and just finished eating. I am now watching House before I go fold the rest of the laundry and go relax in the tub before calling your dad.
I miss your dad a lot. We managed to have a Skype video call yesterday and I think he’s starting to miss you too! Today was Valentine’s day and I had left a card for him to open today. πŸ˜‰ Here are a few pictures of your dad and I doing what we do best: loving each other and loving you!

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Happy Valentine’s day Monkey!


Mom & Dad Xxo

Feb.7, 2011: Happy 2 months!

Hello lovey!,

Today, you are 2 months old! We had a pretty good day overall even though you were a bit cranky this afternoon. In order to calm you down, I cuddled with you on the couch! πŸ˜‰ It kept you from crying and it was just icing on the cake for me! It’s been a busy day with some me-time this morning (Thanks to daddy taking care of you, I got a long overdue haircut. I feel pretty again πŸ™‚ ) laundry (your dad helped this morning, but I still have to fold one more load), grocery shopping (in & out of Costco and grocery store within 1h30, pretty impressive!) and working out (on top of taking care of you). I managed to do the Challenges tonight and I’m glad to see some progress even if it is very small, I’ll take it! Now, I have to go cook some dinner for myself and relax with your dad as he should be home soon! Happy 2 months my darling girl! Mommy and Daddy are completely in love with you! πŸ™‚ Xxo


Cuddling on the couch

Kissing your perfect little head πŸ™‚


Afternoon bliss!

Jan. 20, 2011: Challenges, challenges!

Darling girl!,

Today was a day filled with challenges and I’ll keep this post on the short side because of it. You had a bit of a colic/tired fit for Β a whopping 4hrs and I’ve just managed to put you down and down some dinner. Challenge #1 done and taken care of!

I’ve also done my assessment for the push-ups challenge, sit-ups challenge and squats challenge in order to start the actual challenges on Monday. I managed to do 39 sit-ups in a row (ranked average), 8 “real” push-ups (not on my knees, but with legs fully extended) (ranked level 2 out of 7!) and 35 squats (ranked good). Obviously, I have some work to do and I can still feel some soreness in my calves from the walk yesterday, but it felt good to be sore. I missed being physically active and although it’ll be a challenge (no pun intended) to fit it all into my day because you take up so much time, I am determined to do it! Off to go relax in the tub since you are asleep!



Mom & Dad Xxo