Where’s My Tiger Blood At???

We had a busy Father’s Day yesterday, biking downtown to the first Victoria’s Car-Free day in the downtown core. There were tons of vendors out in the streets and the girls were in heaven when they got balloons (purple ones, obviously)! I was also pretty stoked to find myself a second bikini for our upcoming trip and I also found 2nd bathing suits for the girls for the same trip as well as new sandals for Béa (her toes were curling over the sole at the front of her old ones)! Overall, it was a nice sunny day, filled with lots of people and I was glad to come back home for dinner. Let me just say, there’s isn’t much Whole30-approved when you’re out and about in the real world! I came home to cook some hamburgers with my sous-chef (Rina) and I was surprised when she asked for “Maman’s meat” for dinner. Not only did she finish her 1st serving, she asked for seconds! Victory!

I fell asleep on the couch at 2100 last night.  I woke up at 2130 and went to bed, hoping for a full night of deep sleep. Yeah, that didn’t happen. The husband came to bed before I fell asleep and he fell quickly asleep (ahem, snoring, ahem) and then Béatrice was crying because her eczema was itchy and Rina was also awake with a bad dream. I must have fallen asleep around midnight.  SLEEP FAIL!

I woke up early and grumpy for the WOD:

Skill: Deadlift 10×1 EMOM

We were to use the last weight we had used recently on our 5×5. Mine was 135# and that’s what I used. It felt good and somewhat easy. I felt like I could have gone a little heavier on those.

WOD: Froggy

I was tempted to try this one Rx, but knowing that I had not fueled, hydrated and slept properly yesterday, I went with FG2, with 65# on my bar. I had gone into it with the plan of breaking up my front squats as such, per rounds:

  • 8-7-6 (21)
  • 6-5-4 (15)
  • 5-4 (9)

I stuck to my plan, except on the last round where I did 6-3 before going to the box jumps. Those were slow. I knew I was the last one to work on this, but I was hoping to be closer to the pack. No such luck. I finished at 8:05 and most people were around the 4-6 minutes. I felt discouraged. I sat and mulled on the floor. Mark and I got to talking and he said: “Even though you’re last, you still lapped everyone that stayed on the couch!” I told him this was motivation enough for maybe a year, but at close to 2 years of usually coming in last and so far behind everyone else, I needed something else. He told me to go home and blog about it to get it out of my system. He knows me better than I think he does! 😉

He’s right though. He said you have two options:

  • find newer, slower people you can beat
  • get faster at it

I guess I’ll just have to get faster at it! 🙂

At the same time, I need to cut myself some slack. I am not Wonder Woman and I can’t do it all. I do make Crossfit a priority because I choose to. Maybe I should have a “deload week” like Kathleen suggested where I cut back on my weights. Maybe it will be easier when Rina is out of school for the summer and the girls don’t have gymnastics either. I have to say, parenting has been a challenge for the past few months and I feel like I need a break. Our little vacation in Cuba cannot come soon enough! It will be nice to not have to clean, cook, do laundry and all that crap for 7 days. I plan on getting some much deserved rest, that’s for sure! For now, I just need to get a nap. Although, I think this will have to wait as I just heard Béatrice fall upstairs…


Tracey is kind enough to host a Whole30-friendly get-together tonight and I’m seriously wondering if it would be totally inappropriate to show up in my sweat pants. What do you think?

Right, nap first, then reassess! 😉

And that's why I show up even when not in top shape!

And that’s why I show up even when not in top shape!

*Tiger blood: As per Whole30:

Days 16-27: Tiger Blood!

You’ve hit the downhill slope of your Whole30 and life is beautiful—which means different things for different people. For some (generally people who came to the program eating well, exercising regularly, and feeling pretty good to begin with), Tiger Blood means someone flipped a switch and turned on the awesome. Energy is through the roof, cravings are under control, clothes are fitting better, workouts are stronger.

For others, this Tiger Blood stage feels more like a real sense of self-efficacy. It doesn’t mean things are perfect (or even easy), but you’re proving to yourself that you can do this, things are getting better, and you’re seeing improvements (small or large) almost daily. Your energy is steadier, you’ve got a firmer handle on the cravings, and you’re experimenting with new, delicious foods.  You may notice that your ability to focus is keener, your body composition is changing, your moods are more stable, you’re stepping up your exercise, or you’re just plain happier these days.

Of course, this may not happen like magic at the halfway point. There are a huge number of factors that influence which benefits you see and when. If you’re one of those folks who has hit the halfway mark and isn’t seeing or feeling the dramatic changes others have reported*, know this: You’re not doing it wrong. If you began the Whole30 with a medical condition, a long and rooted history of unhealthy food habits, or a chronically stressful lifestyle, your “magic” may take longer to appear, and probably won’t be a “light switch” moment. Don’t stress about whether you’re feeling honest-to-goodness “Tiger Blood”—be patient, and be on the lookout for small, gradual improvements to keep

– See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/#sthash.sHD2loAh.dpuf

Pushing Through

Thank goodness we have a king-sized bed because we ended up sleeping the 4 of us in it last night. Béatrice is having a hard time with her molars (finally) coming through on her lower gums and Rina was having bad dreams. At 0130, both Ben and I gave up and took the girls to bed with us. It took me a while to fall asleep because, as per her usual, Béatrice kept snuggling me and stroking my face and hair. Just as I was about to storm out of bed to go sleep downstairs on the couch, she finally settled. I was exhausted and I knew I would need to be rested for today’s WOD:



Skill: Deadlifts 5×5 E90s

Last time we did these, I did 115# for all reps. This time around, we were to increase our weight as we went along. I managed the hook grip on all reps and didn’t drop the bar on the last rep. I managed a nice 20# PR on these today. Here were my weights:


WOD: Thriller

The Box was full this morning and I managed to find a spot below the rig.

0600 crew represent!

0600 crew represent!

The only problem was, I couldn’t see the clock so I had to move my box around in order to get a clear view of the clock when I was done. I really wanted to try 75#, but that would have given me no rest at all and that wasn’t the point of this WOD, so I went with 55# for the thrusters. I managed the first round unbroken,  then round 2 and 3 I took some rest at the top of the thruster. Round 4 was a struggle. I had to actually drop the bar after my 9th rep. I picked it back up and finished my last 3 reps before getting to the box jumps. I had to no rep myself on my 5th rep because I almost didn’t make it to the top of the box and had to balance myself with my hands. That was scary and it brought back flashback to that one time I mangled my shins:

Never want to experience that again!

Painful Memories!

I settled my nerves (and thanked the little man above I was wearing my shin pads) on top of the box and kept going, but that ate a lot of my time on that round. Here were my times for each rounds:

  1. 1:29
  2. 1:35
  3. 1:36
  4. 1:48

For a total combined (fastest and slowest interval) of 3:17. Not stellar, but considering my lack of sleep, I’ll take it. Thank goodness I’ve been gearing up to the Whole30 nutrition-wise, I’m pretty sure that’s what helped me today! Weirdly enough, my scar on my left shin from my fall back in November was throbbing and hurting once I was done. Phantom pain?!? Coincidence? In any case, it took a while for the throbbing to go away. I’m just glad I managed to finish this one without falling! 🙂


Prove Your Fitness

“Prove your fitness” is the slogan for the 2015 Crossfit Games. Since the Open has started, I haven’t really thought about how this has applied to me because:

  1. I have done 2 of the 3 WODs scaled
  2. The only Rx WOD I have attempted (15.2), I only got 10 reps (the OHS).

So yeah, not really proving anything there! I did, however, prove some fitness this morning for the team WOD. I also proved I can accomplish almost anything even when suffering from sleep deprivation. Béatrice was up to no good again last night and she kept me up until 0130. That made for a long day considering I had been up since 0500 and had to get back up at 0530. I get up early, go walk Duke for 30 minutes, feed him and then go about my normal routine. So far, it’s working great. If I need to leave the house, I put him back in his crate until Ben gets him out. The lucky dog got breakfast twice this morning… We are all adjusting to our new routine and Ben didn’t know I fed him before leaving for Crossfit, so he fed him again! 😉

Alright, back to proving my fitness:

WOD: Pull Popper

I teamed up with Megan and Tayna for this one and we all did a version of TG+. We all had different bar weight to start with on the hang power snatch, but I started mine at 40# and stayed there for the entire WOD. We all did 4 rounds of:

  • 150m row
  • 10x hang power snatch (40#)
  • 5 bar hop burpees
  • 150m row

I volunteered to go first and I gave too much too fast on my 1st row, with a pace close to 1:59 (way fast for this tiny turtle). I was gassed for the hang power snatches and 40# felt real heavy, real quick. The burpees were fluid and I managed to do them all throughout without ever resorting to “granny” burpees. I went back to the erg and keep a pace closer to 2:06, more reasonable, but still a sprint for me.

2nd round came about and I did kept my first row close to 2:05. My new goal was to keep my first row pace somewhere 2:05-2:10 go do the hang power snatched and burpees, come back to the erg and keep my second pace around 2:10-2:15. It worked. I was able to maintain those paces and somewhat pick up the speed on the 3rd round of hang power snatches and burpees. I love how fluid the burpees felt today, no struggle at all. I felt strong doing them, mind you, it was only 5, so maybe that’s why. I was pooped when I was done with my fourth round and was glad I only had to cheer my partners now that I was done! We finished with a team total of 36:24. My throat was dry and sore for breathing so heavy and no amount of water helped 😦 Had I just experience my first Firebreather moment? I looked it up online and here’s what I found:

Firebreather – Fie-r’-brë-th-er: (n) 1. One who faces the triumphs and tribulations of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit. 2. An optimistic energy associated with the heart of an athlete. In the modern fitness culture, every athlete yearns for the day they will be referred to by their athletic capacity as a Firebreather. However, as the definition implies, the term “Firebreather” is representative of both body, mind and spirit. Any athlete who strives valiantly during exercise while displaying an indomitable spirit is walking the path of a true Firebreather. (Source)

Come to think of it, I may have been a Firebreather all along without my knowledge. I sure never quit during a workout and I try to remain positive through the tough ones… Learn something new everyday!

I cam back home, helped the girls get ready for gymnastics, enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee before I tackled the “pre-night shift cleaning and laundry” tasks. Duke was sad when the crew left fro gymnastics:

Photo 2015-03-17, 9 04 23 AM

I was almost done with the cleaning when they all came back and then I took everyone for a walk to to the grocery store to get us some lunch. I could tell everyone was tired and Béatrice has been sleeping ever since I put her down for nap. Rina hasn’t, but she is playing quietly upstairs. Duke, is catching some weed deserved Zzzs.

Photo 2015-03-17, 12 46 26 PM

I think everybody is slowly falling into their new routine with the dog being our newest addition to the household and Béatrice is slightly less neurotic today about the dog being in the house… Slightly is the key word. I am hoping everybody goes back to normal within reasonable delays and we all learn to live as a united family with a dog very soon!



And Then, I Ran!!!

I was seriously considering not going to Crossfit this morning when my alarm went off at 0500. I have not been sleeping well for the past three nights, averaging 5hrs of sleep every night. I’ve been working 12hrs and coming home to super crabby baby girls who won’t go to bed before 2130 and 2230 on 2 separate nights. My usual bedtime is 2200 when I work a day shift, so that left me with no time at all to unwind coming home from work at 2000 and having to try and fight settle the girls for bed. I am beyond exhausted and I was seriously considering skipping this morning when I remembered that I’m paying for a membership, so I might as well go in order not to waste any money.

Warm-up: I did this with a 26# KB. I just couldn’t envision doing it with a 35# this morning and keeping proper body alignment. Too tired for that!

SkillNo skill today as the WOD was going to be longer.

WOD: That was a tough one.

  • Airdyne: I honestly think this machine was invented by the devil to give us a taste of hell on earth. I was teamed up with Mark (aka Coach Caleb’s dad) and Bo, 2 tall lean, mean, working machines. I decided to go first for all the rounds and I knew I was slowing them down. We also decided to do the WOD Rx so I knew I would slow us way down with the DUs, but they were ok with that. Once we were done with all 3 rounds of 0.4 on the Airdyne, it was time for the run…
  • 400m run x 3: I really wanted to take off and running, but instead, this is pretty much what happened


How I feel running uphill while being drunk


My legs felt like jelly and there was no way I could just push it, so I went out in a jog and slowly picked up the pace instead. It seemed to work as I did the first 400m without stopping for walking breaks (a first for me). I know it’s not much, but it’s the first time since I started Crossfit that I was able to run 400m non-stop. Little victories! What was even more amazing is that I managed to repeat my new PR for the other 2 rounds left! Proud as punch!

  • 40 DUs. I was lucky that Tracey decided to go to a later WOD today and although I was saddened at not being able to WOD with her, that also meant I was able to borrow her jump rope. Mine still hasn’t arrived (it is currently stuck at Customs Canada). I had to take my Nanos off as the rope kept getting stuck under my heels. I did my DUs in my socks only. It was painfully (seriously painful, whip marks all over the back of my legs) slow, but we managed to do 2 of our rounds before Bo had to leave for work. I started my 3rd round and while Mark did his 3rd, I offered to do 120 singles to make up for Bo’s missing round, but Mark was already on his way, well above the required 40 DUs and he did 80 in total so we wouldn’t forfeit the Rx. We finished in 41:20, last and well into the 0700 class.


I’m glad the boys stuck it out with me and agreed to have a slower time so I could Rx this one. Getting a little stronger every day and having the chance to challenge myself and push my limits is the only way I will improve. I came home and had some snuggles with Béa. Funny how she can be impossible to live with at bed time and the happiest baby when she wakes up!

Post shower cuddles, I'm still beet red in the face from the WOD

Post shower cuddles. I’m still beet red in the face from the WOD

The B-Monster at her best!

The B-Monster at her best!



10 Days…

10 Days is all it took to break me down. I have been sick for 10 days while going to/missing work, going to/missing Crossfit and taking care of 2 sick toddlers who have also been sick for 10 days. 10 days of coughing until my ribs hurt, 10 days of sore throat, 10 days of wiping off snotty noses, 10 days of dealing with short tempers from the little ones.

10 days of house hunting, 10 days of trying to maintain the apartment somewhat decent, 10 days of not resting, 10 days of waking up at 0430 EVERY MORNING just because sleep eludes me.

10 days…

10 days is all it took for me to try to clean up yet another mess made by the little ones this morning when I finally broke down in tears. I am beyond exhausted, I need to sleep and get healthier, I desperately need some “me time”. I have a lovely gift certificate for 1h30 in a sensory deprivation floating tank and I don’t even know when I’ll be able to escape and go do nothing for 1h30.

For now, I will get Béa up from a short time out/nap and take the girls to the playground with the hope that they burn enough energy to be less animals and more little humans. Tomorrow is our 4th wedding anniversary (and also celebrating 7 years of being a couple) and I will be back to work. I don’t even have a card for my husband because I forgot to buy one and I just cannot fathom going to get one. Hopefully, we can skip the presents this year and make an approved offer on a house we like instead! 😉

I’ll keep you posted…

Ugh... Seriously!

Ugh… Seriously!

Early Morning

After a draining day at work yesterday, all I wanted to do was come home to hug my girls. Instead I find myself facing a visibly distraught and heartbroken Nanny. Her boyfriend dumped her over the weekend and she is upset. Instead of hugging my girls, I find myself hugging Nanny. She is young and I know that she’ll get over it in time, but right now, I don’t say  aching and I hug her while she sobs in my shoulder. Once she is calmed down and has left, I get to my needs and my girls. We have long hugs and cuddles and I put them to bed. I’m exhausted and looking forward to a good night of sleep.

0430. Béa is whimpering and I wait to see if she’ll settle herself or if she’ll escalate. I’m out of luck. She’s escalating and I get up to go get her. I could have slept for another 75mins. After the emotionally charged day yesterday, I wish I had. Instead, I find myself giving a bottle to my BeZU while she twists my hair in her little fingers. Upstairs, I hear my neighbour rocking her son back to sleep. We live in the ground floor of a house and upstairs are our neighbours. The house has never been sound-proofed and you can hear everything. Usually, that would drive me bonkers. I’ve said it before, we have outgrown this suite and I am more than ready for a place all our own. In this early morning, I find comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one up before the sun with my little one. Mothers unite! Next to me is a completely oblivious Ben, snoring away. I wish I could do the same. Dualities of motherhood!

I put Béa back to bed where she stays quiet. As I’m about to fall asleep, I hear the low “Whirr” of the breast pump upstairs. Being a NICU nurse, I know recognize that sound. Being a mom, I know that sound too well for having had to pump for 8 weeks when Rina was born. How I despised that pump! Good on you neighbour, you’re a good mama!

As I ponder this, Rina gets up and joins us in bed. I guess I should get up too if I don’t want to be late for work. I am exhausted and am already counting the hours until bedtime. Only 15 more hours to go. I can do this. Right now, the prospect of waking up at 0500 tomorrow for Crossfit is daunting, but it is a commitment I have made with myself and I know I’ll go no matter what. For now, I just need to get through the day. Here’s to hoping it’s a good one. And if not, I can always go kiss my girls in their sleep when I come home.



“No Rep”-Day

Last night, I could tell I was catching the girls’ cold, but I still laid out my workout clothes in the bathroom with all the best intentions of making it to the 0600 Crossfit class this morning. Béatrice, however, had other plans. She woke up at 2300 and pretty much cried on straight through until 0230. I stayed up with her because Ben had to work today and I only go back to work tonight. I will take a nap in an hour or so, when the Nanny gets here.

It was a brutal night. After I finally managed to get BeZU down and sleeping, I was on edge, half expecting her to wake right back up and, therefore, I didn’t get back to sleep until 0330. We all woke up a bit later this morning and Béatrice was in the cranky-est of moods. I’m just happy she is finally napping and sound asleep for her afternoon nap. I am exhausted and stuffed up and not looking forward to a (nother) full night of being up, but I’ll manage somehow.

Béatrice, cranky and exhausted. Might as well laugh about it because there's nothing I can do about the bags under my eyes! ;)

Béatrice, cranky and exhausted. Might as well laugh about it because there’s nothing I can do about the bags under my eyes! 😉

I’m just glad the cleaning and laundry is done and I won’t have to deal with that on my days off as Ben will be working and I have a hunch I’ll be sick with a cold and the girls to deal with… Fun times ahead!

I hate missing Crossfit, but there was no way I was gonna make it in today. I just need to rest a bit before my night at work and  going to Crossfit would have been counter-productive. You gotta know your limits and know when to say “No rep”! I just hope the girls sleep through the night tonight so at least, Ben will be able to recoup a bit…