I’m Back!

After yet another busy morning, I was lucky enough that Cindy invited me and the girls to go spend some time on her boat, swim in the lake and jump on her trampoline. The girls were so stoked about it all and Cindy even let them drive the boat! They had a blast and Béatrice even came for a little swim in the lake with us, while Rina refused categorically to get in, but she dipped her feet in from the boat though.

Photo 2015-06-11, 1 36 35 PM

Rina was trying to touch the waves

Photo 2015-06-11, 1 41 44 PM

BeZU was so happy and really enjoyed her time on the boat!

I don’t know how Cindy gets the energy to do this day in and day out, because after our little jaunt in and on the lake, I was ready for nap! Unfortunately, I had to go to Rina’s school for the parents info session about kindergarten. I came back home and was determined to get Béatrice to sleep early. So much so that I camped myself at the desk atop our stairs and did some computer work while she fell asleep. It works, I was able to go back downstairs around 2015. It was pretty useless though because I went to bed super early last night. There was no point in staying up as I was dozing off on the couch. I dragged myself to bed and was under the sheets at this early hour:

Yep,  was in bed and it wasn't even 2130!

Yep, was in bed and it wasn’t even 2130!

I slept soundly through the night and got up at 0500 feeling refreshed and back to my usual self. I was glad to see I wasn’t sore anymore and my energy levels were back up to normal! Ready to tackle this WOD:

The power cleans felt very familiar since we had done them just yesterday morning at Oly class. Since I was feeling back on track with my energy levels, I really wanted to push it on those and wanted to try to finish at 90#. Here were my reps:


I failed the second lift @90# twice so I no-repped myself on that weight and only recorded 85#. Still, it felt much better than it had yesterday! 🙂

I had read the WOD early this morning and had misread it as TTB and burpees, not burpee box jumps. It really didn’t matter since no matter what the WOD was, I was there to work hard! I went into this one with a little bit of strategy: I would try to do all rounds of hanging knee raises unbroken (still don’t have my TTB) and I would keep moving on the burpee box jumps as much as I could.

We had to split our class into 2 heats and I was selected to be in the 1st heat. I managed to stick to my strategy for the hanging knee raises and took very minimal breaks atop the box during the burpee box jumps. I even slowed a few reps to “granny-style burpees” in order to catch my breath, but as soon as I could somewhat breathe better, I went back to jumping them. It sure paid off in the end since I didn’t finish last for once and looked at the clock when it displayed 7:30. I had to look at my little white board to make sure I didn’t skip a round or something, it seemed so unnatural for me to be done so early! I think even Coach Caleb was a bit surprised as he came around to give me a “Nice work today!” 🙂 Yeah, it felt pretty awesome to feel like I was finally back to myself!

I came back home and made myself a hearty breakfast of ground beef (tex-mex seasoned), grilled zucchini, an egg and an apple. I did some accounting for the house and now, I’m ready to spend another sunny day with my little family!

I will chose the gym any day (except when I'm actually working the floor at the hospital!) ;)

I will choose the gym any day (except when I’m actually working at the hospital!) 😉

Not Up To Par, But Still Pushing

Been single parenting for 6 days. Only 4 more to go. Last night was still sub-optimal for sleep, but it was way better than the previous one. I went to bed at 2100, read until 2115 and was probably asleep by 2120. I was beyond exhausted. BeZU has the bad habit of waking up at 11pm (way past my bedtime) and trying to sneak her way into my bed. Sorry buddy, not on my watch! I rocked her, gave her a sip of water and then told her she had to go back to sleep in her bed because Maman was tired. She didn’t appreciate that and cried for about 5 minutes before she fell silent. Good.

Then, Rina had a nightmare at 0130 and I went to comfort her. She was afraid of the dark so I left her bedroom door open. They both joined me into bed at 0600. I was up at 0630 to shower and make them breakfast before we all headed on out to drop Rina off at pre-school followed by Crossfit for me. Béa was the perfect little angel and didn’t disturb me too much. She was actually better behaved than she had been on Monday. Still, it was a little frustrating being at the Box today, here’s why:

I couldn’t find my previous weight for this so I was attempting to do 65# on my last rep. It didn’t happen. My first few reps went ok. I did 45#-50#-55# without too much issue. I then tried 1 rep at 60# and that was wonky as heck. I tried for a second rep at 60# and I ended up pressing it more than anything else. I unloaded my bar back down to 55# and finished the last round better. I felt disappointed about this, but when I came back home, I looked up my result and saw that my previous weight was 45#. 10# PR today it was! So why am I still disappointed that I couldn’t get 60#??? Because I know I have done 60# for my hang power snatch, just not 5×3 E90S. Meh! 

WOD: ToeRow

There were 6 of us today and when it was time to get into teams, the boys got together and that meant that us girls were together as well. I was with Michelle and Lennea. Each of us would be doing a different version of TG/FG. I was going for FG1+ I guess with the following modifications:

3 rounds of : 

  • 300m row
  • 12 strict HSPU down to 2 yoga blocks
  • 12 hanging knee raises

I attempted 1 rep of a TTB and I was really close! Maybe it will happen during the Open?!? I also almost got 5 DUs in a row. I normally trip on the 4th, but I managed a 4th without tripping and didn’t get the 5th. Soon! Back to the WOD. On my last row, I had a really bad pinch/cramp in the left part of my neck. I was almost done rowing so I just grabbed the bar with my right hand, kept rowing and pinched my neck with my left hand. My left trap is pretty tense, I will roll it when the girls go for nap and will apply heat after. We finished with a time of 14:05 and I was happy to be done. It just felt like it wasn’t a good day, even though it wasn’t a bad day either.

Tonight, I’m going out for dinner with the girls from work. I think I deserve to dress up a little and go have some fun. Nanny will come and sleep over so I can go to my Oly class in the morning. I even called the restaurant ahead to make sure there were gluten-free/dairy-free options for dinner so that I wouldn’t fall off my meal plan for today (today is only meat and veggies, maybe that’s why I felt so weak?!?) I will stick to drinking water with lemon and will be home relatively early considering I have to wake up at 0500 for my Oly class! Now, I just have to figure out what I’ll wear in order to be presentable, yet comfortable! 😉

Rest Day: Another Kind of Torture

Yesterday was my self-imposed rest day from Crossfit. I was glad to be able to sleep in (until 0700 that is! I am still a mom to 2 toddlers after all), but I was really sad to be missing out on a day of Crossfit. It was Back Squat day and I was going to be a no-show. One thing you have to know about me, back squats and deadlifts are my favorite lifts. It just so happen that I missed the complete serie on deadlift when it was in the programming recently (except for maybe one session) and now, I find myself missing a session of back squats. I was strong and resisted the urge to go in and do the WOD because I know my body needs the rest. My shoulders have been screaming for a break for the past week and I know I NEED to rest in order to keep progressing.


It’s just so dang hard to stay away from the Box when it’s my sacred me-time where I don’t have to think about anyone else but me. I’m a wife, a mom and a NICU RN every other hours of my life, but the rare times I get at the Box, I just have me to think about. Maybe that’s why I love it so much! 🙂

So what did I do instead on my turnaround day (the day between my last day shift at work and my first night shift)? Well, I was a wife who got to spend about an hour with my husband. It feels like we haven’t seen each other for almost a month. Our schedules are really not in sync right now and if we get to see each other an hour a day, it’s a good day. So, yeah, we spent about an hour in the same room trying to mane the kids. I was also a mom for most of the day, getting clothes ready, food ready, kids dressed, one napped, the other didn’t. I took them shopping for Rina’s new dance outfit (she has outgrown her 1st one) and we had a quick lunch while I folded 3 loads of laundry.

I then tried to relax before going for a nap myself before my night shift, but Beatrice had other plans and therefore, I was a bit on edge. I was thankful when Nanny showed up so I could go sleep for 2 hours before getting ready for  work. My sleep was occupied by weird dreams and I was hoping a good hot shower would help out when I got up. Life had other plans since I had to endure a completely cold shower (our upstairs neighbours were washing dishes and that means no hot water for me when their tap is on). It’s about time we move from there. I have reached my limit a while back and I can honestly say I’m not sure how long before I break down and verbal diarrhea comes out.

As you can see, a rest day from Crossfit is simply that. Rest from Crossfit. When you have young kids, you don’t ever get a day off. It’s all god though, I love kissing their boo-boos away, hugging them and getting their snotty kisses and cuddles!


How I Miss My Sleep!

I finished my 1st set back to work and the thought of having to go back on Saturday isn’t helping. No sooner had I set foot in the house that I received a call asking if I would go back tonight for an extra shift. I never did overtime before I had kids, not about to start now! Full-time is enough for me. I have missed my girls and plan on sneaking in extra cuddles between now and Saturday!

I was apprehensive about working my night shifts (with good reasons). Sleep is such an important part of my life and going on without it kills me every time. After my 1st night, it had been 26 hours since I had last slept and I only managed to do so for about 4h30. It wasn’t much, but I managed to make it to my break, get another hour of shut-eye on my break and I slept for 5hrs today.

Arsenal for a successful day of sleeping!

Arsenal for a successful day of sleeping!

Ear plugs, eye mask and a hot water bottle are mandatory in order to get some decent sleep when trying to do so during the day. I’m seriously thinking of investing on custom-fit earplugs. That’s how much I value my sleep and I figure, if I used them for the rest of my nursing career, they would definitely be an investment!

I had all the best intentions in the world of going to the noon class at Crossfit today, but I chose to sleep instead. No point in risking an injury because of lack of sleep and I would have had to get up at 1100 which meant only 2.5hrs of sleep. No can do! Heck I’m barely functioning after 9hrs over the past 2 days. I’m hoping to bank a decent night tonight, get up to my beloved 0600 class tomorrow and Friday. I haven’t yet given up on my 3 day/week subscription at the Box. I’ll see how it goes this month and make a decision after. Here’s to a new routine and trying to balance it all out!


I woke up at 0530 and my first thought was “Ahhh! It’s nice to sleep in!” I was always a morning person, but this is ridiculous! I guess I have my 0600 Crossfit class and being a mother of 2 girls under 3 years old to blame for this! 😉 Oh well, I’m awake now, might as well go shower and start this day!


My darling daughters,

It’s 2030. I should be well into a quiet evening of relaxing in front of the TV with my knitting, but Béatrice has categorically been refusing to sleep for the past hour and a half. You are teething and are struggling tonight. I cringe with my shoulders almost reaching my ear lobes as I walk into your room to try to soothe you.

It has been a few months since you have needed my help to fall asleep and although I tense up at the idea of relinquishing my evening “me time” (that alone time I get between you girls going to sleep and your Dad arriving from work), you need me right now, so in I go.

I pick you up in the semi-darkness of your room, the only light coming from the neon light above the oven in the kitchen. I swaddle you and we sit to rock in the rocking chair. You are attracted to the light in the kitchen and it takes you a few minutes to settle down.

Your head slowly comes to a rest on my shoulder and you wrap your little hands around my neck and shoulders, gently tugging at my hair that I’ve finally let down after it being tied all day. You twitch and squirm against my chest until you find a position suitable for you and eventually, I can feel your little body slowly relaxing and letting go. I rub your back gently while kissing your hair and your neck. Rina is occasionally snoring, gently, in her bed next to us, the only noise accompanying us as we keep on rocking.

Even though you’ve grown since the last time I rocked you to sleep, you still “fit” in my arms and I find myself wishing you will do so for the rest of your life. Know that there is always a place in my arms for you, when you are in need of cuddles or soothing. As your breathing slows down, I feel my shoulders dropping back to a more normal position. I am reminded that you needed help to calm down, but so did I, apparently. Cuddles are always good to calm down. Thank you for reminding me of the good parts of motherhood. Yes, it is EXTREMELY demanding, most of the time, but moments like this make up for it by the tenfold.

As I put Béa back into bed, Rina wakes up crying because  “I need to go poo, Mama!” and Béatrice starts crying all over again. I guess we’ll need one more round of cuddles. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and Ben will be home and maybe (just maybe) I’ll be able to get some time to myself then. In the meantime, “The moon is high, the sea is deep. They rock and rock, and rock, to sleep”*

*From The Going To Bed Book by Sandra Boynton. One of the many Boynton books I’ve memorized by heart, but also, a favourite of ours.