Feb.16, 2011: Meeting the Frenchies!

Little Rina,

Today, you got to meet some of my relative. The French ones. You know, the loud ones who speak with their hands? That’s right, just like your Mama! You weren’t too impressed and after giving them a few smiles, you let them know you weren’t interested (by crying at EVERY single new face that came within your sight!). Once they understood that, you settled nicely in my arms and slept through the rest of their visit!

You napped pretty well this morning and had a longer nap in my arms while the family was here. You also gave me a really nice night last night, sleeping 11h30 and only waking up twice! Hopefully, you can repeat the same thing tonight 🙂

Tonight, I decided to hop in the tub with you while I was giving you a quick wash, as the tub here is very deep and it’s been killing my back to bathe you in there. You didn’t seem to mind the company too much and it was a lot easier for me to bathe you that way. 🙂 After I put you to bed, I had dinner with my parents and did my Challenges workouts.  Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be really warm here and if we don’t get any visitors, I really want to go for a walk with you. I’ve been suffering from a bit of cabin fever ever since arriving on the east coast (with being used to going for a walk/hike on an almost daily basis at home) and I need to get a move on!

Below are a few pictures I took of you in your cute little outfit to meet the Frenchies! 😉


I didn’t get to talk to your dad a lot today as he’s been really busy with work and the time difference is a bit hard to work into a decent phone conversation. I’ll maybe try to call him when you wake up for your midnight feed. Hopefully, he’ll have time to talk a bit as I really miss him 😦

Sleep well little angel!

Mom & Dad Xxo

Dec. 6, 2011: 8 blissful hours!



After my post yesterday, I was showered with love and support from friends and family near and far and it acted as a soothing balm on my soul. I am very lucky to have all these wonderful people in my life, understanding, sharing and caring a lot for our little family. To top it all off, since I am only pumping for 1 out of 2 of your feeds, last night, your dad got up for the middle-of-the-night-feed and offered to feed you (I didn’t have to pump) so that I could go back to bed. It was the best night I’ve had in a long while! 8 blissful long hours of sleep. HEAVEN! I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. OK. Ready to take you on! Last night, I had made plans with Jess and her daughter Alexis to go for a stroll over to Walmart, rain or shine and we managed to meet up and go out in the rain.


I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the new stroller we got for you. Previously, we had purchased a used Peg Pérégo Venezia. It was a nice stroller, but not trail friendly and since I’d like to get back into jogging eventually, I wouldn’t have been able to use that stroller for that purpose. To top it off, we couldn’t clip on our car seat to it so it made things a bit difficult for me. Therefore, for Christmas, I went out and bought you a new stroller. I got us the BOB Revolution stroller. I love how easy it is to stir the stroller (you can easily stir it with one hand) and how the front wheel can either swivel or you can lock it straight in order to go jogging. The only down side to it is the undercarriage basket is a bit on the small side and not easily accessible. However, the mesh pocket in the back of the stroller is very handy to carry phone / keys / wallet.

Your stroller, the Bob Revolution

I also bought the attachment for your car seat so we can clip your car seat to the stroller and purchased the Jolly Jumper Rain Cover for the stroller as it covers the stroller when the car seat is attached to the stroller. We have the Graco Snugride 32 and the rain cover works perfectly on the car seat and the stroller. Ok, we wont tell anyone that this Babymama was putting the rain cover on backwards and thanks to Jess, she now knows the right way of using the rain cover, and NOW, it works perfectly on the car seat and the stroller! 🙂


Tomorrow, we are supposed to have lunch with Katie, her mom, Lucy and Emme. If we do, it will be the 1st time I take you out to a restaurant. Let’s keep our fingers crossed everything goes smoothly! It should be ok as we’ll be 3 grown-ups for 3 babies. I think our odds are pretty good. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!


Mom & Dad Xxo