Crossfit, Sparkling Toes and Hot Water Bottles With Friends = Perfect Day

I have been waiting for Saturday since I got off work on Thursday morning. Why you ask? Well, duh, Crossfit is why!

My lovely husband left for the cold Calgary on Thursday and that meant I couldn’t go to my beloved 0600 class on Friday as there was no way I would have gotten the girls ready in time for Crossfit and then manage the mayhem to get Rina in time for preschool. BUT! There’s a huge but (and I’m not talking about my back side here) in this story and my husband was caring enough to book the Nanny for this morning so I could go to Crossfit and get to my pedicure (paid for by the love of my life!) without having to drag the girls with me. 🙂

The class was huge (16 or 17 of us showed up) and I ran into Victoria and Bonnie! Here’s what we did:

Skill: HSPU practice

We were to do 4-6 reps of progressive HSPU followed by 8-10 ring rows x 6 sets. I managed to get down to 2×5# plates + 1 yoga block on my 5th rep, but I could only muster 2 reps that low before I just crumbled down onto my shoulders. I tried again for the next set, but could only do 1 rep. I was done! I did 8 ring rows for each rounds.


That was a quick powerful one. I paired up with Georgia (she must be all of 13 years old and kicked my butt royally, but in a good way!) and let her go in the first heat. She destroyed it, doing the FG2 in 4:07. She’s small, but mighty! I tried my best to imitate her, but my old and overweight body just couldn’t do it. I finished in 6:40 for the same category (DL @ 95# and full box jumps for all rounds). Not a bad feat if I do say so myself and I probably would have taken longer had I not been trying to keep up with this little powerhouse!

Then, I rushed home, showered and took off for my pedicure. That foot rub was heavenly and it’s always nice when I have sparkly purple toes! My husband truly knows the way to my heart!

Purple Perfection!

Purple Perfection!

I came back home and had a lovely visit with Victoria! We were both sore and sat hot packs and hot water bottles like the sore Crossfitters we are while catching up and chatting. It was a nice visit and broke the monotony of just me with the girls! 🙂 Now, of course, Rina and Béatrice also want their toenails painted so I will oblige before we go play outside! 😉



Living Is Hard!

You know when you go to bed early, only to be woken up by your neighbour being stopped by cops and gyrating police lights outside your bedroom window?

Or, when you’re sound asleep you get woken up twice by a child who is sick and dehydrated and just wants to be able to drink water without any pain? Or, better yet, when you get woken up by the snoring love of your life?

You know, when you get up and EVERY. BODY. PART. HURTS you can barely move and showering is an exercise in flexibility because there’s just no way I will squat to go clean my toes. Forget about the circus of washing my hair or getting dressed.

I was thankful I got to go home early from work thanks to a high nurse vs patient ratio. I was also thankful our wonderful Nanny offered to go get the little groceries we were missing so I could do a lot of gymnastics to enter the bathtub without having to squat or put weight on my shoulders and soak, yet again, in Epsom salts.

I am very much looking forward to my date with Ibuprofen and my bed tonight. Don’t get me wrong. I had fun yesterday at the competition, but I am paying the price for all that hard work, those PRs achieved and the effort I put into it. I just hope I’ll be able to move slightly more fluidly tomorrow…

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 6.03.01 PM


That moment, at the end of the day, when the girls are in bed and I finally sit on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table (why else have a coffee table, really, other than to put your feet on it?!?) and it comes, sneaking up on me. That dull ache in my legs, butt, arms, chest, shoulders, pick a body part (or all of them as it’s often the case). Just annoying enough to remind you that walking/ standing/ getting up/ breathing (pick one or all, once again) tomorrow might be a challenge, but not annoying to the point where you tell yourself “Why am I doing this to myself?”. I know why I crossfit: for my health (physical, mental and emotional), for myself, for my family, to get stronger, faster, leaner. To not be skinny fat (or in my case heavy fat). I have accepted that I may never see my “goal” number on the scale and I’m ok with that. I’d rather see my “goal” number at the box, lifting heavy stuff. If that means I’ll remain short and stumpy, then so be it. I’ll be the best short and stumpy me I can be. 

In 4 days, I will have another Crossfit update (4 months since I started). For the first time, I don’t care if I lost/gained inches/lbs. I don’t care because, last Friday, I did some running at the playground for the WOD and didn’t suffer from shin splints all weekend long. This morning, I did 200 single skips and still no shin splints. I will celebrate the small victories and forget the rest. Focus on what I have power over to change, the rest will come.

So tonight, I am celebrating from my couch as I muse on my progress since the beginning of this adventure. Let’s be honest here, it’s not like I can move anyway, I’m too sore! 😉

Not going anywhere fast! And yes, that foam roller lives in the living room because we use it daily! ;)

Not going anywhere fast! And yes, that foam roller lives in the living room because we use it daily! 😉

Your Dad is my hero!

Sweet Rina,

We’ve been hiking our butts off (literally) over the last 2 days. We’ve estimated that we covered close to 20km of hiking in those 2 days. Today, we went to Baby Bedwell Lake and your Dad carried you THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH!!! He is officially my hero. It’s a good thing he did too as I managed to lose my footing 3 times throughout the hike and it would not have been pretty had I been carrying you on my back.

The ascent to Baby Bedwell Lake is about 600m up and it took us about 5hrs to do the roundtrip (with a break at the top to eat and relax a bit too). On the way up, my calves felt like a massive ball of pain and on the way down, my legs were jelly. My quads kept screaming in pain and it’s as if they were saying they couldn’t give me anymore than they already had, and yet, I kept pushing through. I also gave into a few tears on the ascent as the climb was just never-ending. I broke down once I saw yet another staircase climbing upwards. I wanted to give up so many times, but I’m glad I didn’t. The view from the lake was simply breath-taking.

Finally arrived at Baby Bedwell Lake

Your Dad is cooling off in the lake

My turn!

You're just having a grand old time!

Smiling girl!

Tomorrow will be a rest day (Thank you sweet lord!) and we plan on going to Saratoga Beach. For now, we have soaked our sore muscles in the hot tub, I’ve iced my knees and we’re about ready to pass out watching a movie!

Sleep well,

Mom & Dad Xxo