Motherhood Success

Some days, I feel like I have control over absolutely NOTHING in my life and I’m pretty amazed that I make it through yet another day. Take today for example. I wasn’t really happy with the way I performed at Crossfit this morning and it kind of tainted my usual “endorphin rush”.

I came back home, planned my food for the week and made a grocery list. I decided to go to the local grocery store, so I could walk there with the girls, instead of taking the car and going to my “usual” grocery store. Everybody got dressed and we all took off.

The girls are old enough now that I can let them run their little hearts out on the sidewalk and they know to stop at the corner. I still shout at them to “Wait for Maman at the corner!”, but they know the drill. We hold hands to cross the street and once we’re safely on the other side, they take off again, on the sidewalk. It’s a fine balance to give them their freedom while keeping them safe, all without turning into a “helicopter mom”.

We get to the grocery store and the girls like to push/pull one of those small basket on wheels. I grab one and they help put the groceries into the basket (“It’s MY turn Mom!”) and I cross things out on my list. We then make our way to the register and the girls help out, once again, by putting the produce on the moving belt. Rina then asks if she can return the basket and Béatrice wants to go with her. I tell them to walk and they are off. While I pay for the groceries, I keep an eye on them, making sure they aren’t turning the grocery store into a tornado disaster zone and they come back to me. Rina tells me she was able to put the basket back into the pile (which meant she had to pick it up and lift in into the 3′ pile) and I say:

“I know, buddy, I saw you! You did a good job! I’m proud of you!”

She then saunters off to the ATM and starts punching buttons on the machine. I ask her to “leave the buttons alone, please.” and make a pretend “mad face” at her. She giggles and steps back from the ATM. I thank her and go to grab my bags.

The cashier turns to me and says: “I love how you talk to your children!”

I blush lightly and say “Thank you!” as I gather the girls and walk out with my groceries.

I wasn’t expecting that at all! In this day and age, people are quick to get upset about other people’s business and we are quick to pass judgement. The past month has been a bit of a struggle personally and as I wasn’t particularly feeling good about my morning, that little encounter and comment from the teller brought a smile to my face and filled my heart with pride.

It just goes to show that even if you feel like you’re failing in certain aspects of your life, people are watching and taking note of your good shots as well.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Focus on the positive, let go of the negative.

One day at a time…

I may fail in certain areas of my life, but I will always strive for success for these two little hams!

I may fail in certain areas of my life, but I will always strive for success for these two little hams!

14.2 And Things To Work On

14.2 was announced yesterday and as I watched the live announcement, I felt deflated without even having tried it. I can’t do C2B unassisted and the max I’ve ever done on OHS is 45#. The Rx is 65# for women which means I needed to get at least 1 OHS Rx in order to submit my score for 14.2. See the details below:

Regulations for 14.2

I showed up at the Box for the 0600 class this morning and I was gonna give it my all. I had set a personal goal of 5 for this WOD. It is incredibly low, but then again, I knew it would be hard for me for the reasons stated above.

I loaded up my bar and it took a lot of strength to clean the bar, lift it over my head to place it on my back, re-adjust my hand position and then lift it again in a stable position overhead since there was no way I was gonna snatch it. By then, my wrists were in pain from the weight and I think I managed to do 1 wobbly rep and get back up. I’m not sure when I got my 2nd rep, but I know I went on to falling on my butt 2-3x, dropping the bar behind me 2-3x and dropping it in front of me numerous more times as well. My official Games score is a measly 2. Because this was such a short WOD for certain people (ahem, me!), if we didn’t make the first three-minute, we restarted at ohs for the second three-minute period. I managed to get another 4 reps of the OHS for this WOD and never made it to the C2B (not that I ever was going to complete one anyway).

I don’t know how to feel about this. Officially, I didn’t make it to my personal goal of 5 and I feel like it’s a pretty crummy score. Unofficially, I managed to do 6 OHS at 65#, which is a PR in itself for me. Somehow, I can’t celebrate this PR. Maybe I’m too hard on myself, but I felt like I was going to do better.

I guess it just goes to show I have plenty to work on still. OHS are one, so are C2B, but also giving myself credit where credit is due. I never gave up, I kept picking that bar up and putting it over my head, I kept trying for reps at 65#… 20# heavier than I have ever done in my short Crossfitter’s life. Baby steps, Val, baby steps. Progress is progress and I should be happy about it. I just need to get out of my funk and get back to being proud of myself. For now, I will enjoy the weekend with my girls and my hubby. Miraculously, we are both off work this weekend and I plan to make the best out of it, crummy score or not! 🙂