TC10K, sleeping in, civic duty and tooth extraction…

Sweet Rina!,

This will be an extremely long post as I haven’t blogged in a few days and have some catching up to do!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for the TC10K! It was extra sunny, the course was one of the easiest 10km we’ve done together and the weather was just perfect. We met up with a few of our mommy-babies friends and kept a good pace for the entire course. Everybody we were with were taller than us (not hard to do, really) and therefore, taking longer strides which meant a faster pace for us! 😉

Below are a few pics I took of the race. Although everyone was ok with me posting the pictures on the blog, I’ve blurred our racing bib numbers to keep a bit of privacy:

Our group, sorry for the blaring sun! 😉

Walking a 10km can be exhausting for a baby...

...which is why the baby naps, while the mama walks!

The view of the snowy peaks and the ocean behind SuperMama and SuperDaddy

Everybody did really well in the race with a finish time of 2:02 or about. If we take away the 5mins we waited in line for our bathroom break, we all came in under 2hrs! Good job everyone!

After we were done with the walk and changing a few diapers in the open air (don’t worry, we picked a secluded spot so as not to expose all of your very cute little bottoms to everyone around us 🙂 )  we went to grab breakfast and headed home after that. You and I napped together and then, it was time to go pick up BabyDaddy at the airport. Although you have been a little angel for me over the 5 days your Dad was away, I was very happy to be reunited with our family. You see, your Dad and I love each other very much and I like being around him as much as I can. I’m pretty sure you do too as you slept in until 0830 this morning, snuggled between us in our bed! I picked you up around 0500 when you fussed a little and you went back to sleep between the 2 of us! 🙂 It was nice of you to sleep in as I had to get ready for my dentist appointment and I have a feeling your dad wanted to get some rest too.

As for my dentist appointment, everything is fine with my teeth, except for my wisdom teeth… Every time I go to the dentist, there’s always the threat of having to remove them (I only have 3 and they never came out, so they are monitored closely). By now, being 33 years old, I thought I was out of the woods, but apparently not. My only lower wisdom tooth has moved a lot over the past 4 years, threatening the alignment of my other teeth and the dentist now thinks we should do something about it. However, it is very close to the nerve and therefore, I now have a consultation with a dental surgeon. Yay me! NOT! I really hope a tooth extraction is covered by my medical insurance as there is no way I can afford that on my maternity leave wages… I’ll find out more once the dental surgeon’s office calls to book an appointment. I am not happy about that at all… I am very conscious of my oral hygiene and floss EVERY NIGHT before going to bed. This should’ve been dealt with a long time ago and not left until now. Seriously, who gets their wisdom teeth pulled out at 33?!? Ugh. And to top it all off, I think my body has finally relaxed now that your Dad is home and given in to the threatening cold that has been looming over me while he was away (I had a scratchy throat, but nothing else). I’m now full-blown stuffed up in one nare and yet, I have the sniffles… Oh well, it’s raining today and a perfect day to feel sicky at home!

Today, a national election is being held for our country. I went in to vote after my dentist appointment. I am hoping this time around, things will change as I feel that our past recent leaders have mainly been focusing on picking on one another instead at looking at ways to better what is already a great country. Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed!

In other news, you keep growing at an alarming rate! You are now pushing through your pyjamas that are 3-6months in size and you’re not even 5 months old yet. Literally!

Ripping through your pyjamas...

Your toes are playing Peekaboo!

You seem very coy about the whole thing! 😉

We love you very much darling Rina!

Mom & Dad Xxo

10K with SuperMama and her SuperGirls!

Sweet Rina,

Since it was sunny today (and the forecast for the next few days is back to rain, rain and MORE RAIN!), I got a text this morning from SuperMama and we agreed to go for a loop around the lakes and kill a 10km walk all at once. She brought her SuperGirls (twins Em and Lou) and I got you in your WonderBaby outfit (a new hat and blanket that Mamie sent in the mail for you, picture below) and we got ready to attack the 10km walk with our trusted BOB strollers. It took us a little over 2hrs as we had to stop numerous times to attend to all 3 babies! However, it was a good practice for the TC10K that we’re all registered for! I truly love whenever I get together with SuperMama as I feel she understands my little neuroses about being a new mom and a new wife, the pressures we put on ourselves as moms and she helps calm my nerves about the whole thing. I met her at work while I was caring for her SuperGirls and although it must’ve been such a hard time for her family, I’m glad we met and became such good friends! Here she is below, in action with her SuperGirls!


In your WonderBaby outfit

Close-up of my favorite WonderBaby!

SuperMama and her SuperGirls!


Coming back home, I was lucky to have your dad do your nighttime routine and put you to bed while I enjoyed a relaxing bath and sushi for dinner! We are currently watching 20/20 (about a church preaching you should spank your 2-week old infant!) and I think to myself that you are a lucky girl to have such loving parents who have a bit of common sense!

We truly adore you,

Mom & Dad Xxo

Abort! Abort! Abort!

Sweet Rina,

I have to face the facts: the dreaded shin splints are back 😦 I was feeling a soreness in my shins all day on Wednesday after my jog and today, when I went to run errands with you in your stroller, I could feel the all too familiar pain in my shins. I am really bummed out as I was determined to do the C25K once and for all. I will bench myself for a week, hopefully recover, then give it another try. In the meantime, I’ll be doing Pilates, yoga and other workouts by Tracy Anderson. I’m just hoping I keep losing some weight.

I called Jess to let her know I wouldn’t be doing the jog tomorrow and we decided to go walk instead. I am really disappointed, but there is no way I will “push through the pain”. That’s what I did last time and it got me nowhere, so I won’t be doing that this time around. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) all the way. I guess I will have to walk the TC10K too 😦

You know what, I won’t be disappointed. I’ll keep working out, it’ll just be a different kind of workout. I just finished a cardio Pilates in the living room and I was sweating my tush out so I have to have burned a few calories right there! 🙂 And, of course, I will keep taking you out for walks and errands !

In other news, your dad is acting very weird, asking me if I’ve used my computer today and if it was working fine, then asking me if I received an email from him. I don’t know what he’s up to, but I’m thinking it has to do with my upcoming birthday. When I asked him what he was up to and demanded for him to tell me what he had done, he just replied: “Think of it as an Easter egg hunt”. I CAN’T stand surprises! I am the most curious person there is! Our first Christmas in BC, we woke up one morning (close to Christmas) to the sound of the fire alarm in the apartment complex where we used to live and once we decided to exit the apartment, my 1st reaction was to go grab the presents from under the tree because I didn’t want to miss finding out what your dad had gotten me! That’s how curious I am! You can imagine that his behaviour is simply killing me right now!

In yet another unrelated topic, you slept really well last night. You did 8h30, had a bottle and then slept again for another 3hrs in you own bed! Normally, I get up with you anytime between 4-6am and we both go to the futon to “sleep in” until 7am or 7:30am! Ha! However, last night, you slept until 7am in your own bed and had done the same 2 days prior to that. Could it be that you are starting to sleep a little bit more? Here’s to hoping!

We love you very much my gorgeous girl!

Mom & Dad Xxo

Monkey has a cold and Babymama is excited about running again!

Sweet Rina,

You’ve been coughing and sneezing since yesterday and, at times, seem to be choking on your mucus, but so far, you don’t run a fever and your lungs sound clear. (The one good thing about being a nurse is that I am well equipped with a decent thermometer and a very good pediatric stethoscope from my time as a Pediatric Emergency nurse!) I’m keeping a close eye on you and making sure you are hydrating (feeding) well. This afternoon, you were a bit of a snuggle-bug and wanted to cuddle with me a bit more than usual, but I’m not going to complain! Your spirits are still good as you are currently playing on your exercice mat and giving me smiles all around! What a trooper you are!

I can’t remember if I’d mentioned this on here before, but because a lot of my co-workers and other people I know are recent new moms, I had created a walking group on Facebook and whenever it was convenient to some, we just post where and when we’re going for walks. This morning, one of the moms in the group had the best idea. The Times Colonist (newspaper here in Victoria) runs a 10K race every year and this mom suggested that we run it with all our little ones in strollers as a group! I am so excited about: 1-Getting back into running again. 2- Having a running goal (I won’t be up to 10K by the time the race comes around as it is held on May 1st this year, but I’ll do run/walk intervals) and 3- Jess, another mommy-friend who lives a street away from us wants to join us on our C25K (Couch to 5K) training program! It’ll be nice to have a running buddy and I’m sure you’ll have a blast with Alexis (her daughter).

So there. We will begin our training next week, bright and early in the morning and on days where we’re not “running” (as best as we can with strollers and me being so out of shape!), I’ll keep doing the Challenges and go out for walks with you. I would like to lose 30lbs and I think this combination is a good beginning to getting back into shape. I am also tracking all my food intake with the Plate tracker from


I can’t wait to get back into shape and to enjoy the endorphins from running! Get well soon my little Monkey, we have to run on Monday!



Mom & Dad Xxo