Monkey Business

After being woken up at 0400 by BΓ©a (I swear, this kid needs to learn to sleep in a bit better!), I never managed to fall back asleep, so it was a very early start to my day. I got out of bed at 0500 and got ready for Crossfit.

Working on the rope, I was paired up with Marika (I now know her name! She was the nice lady that comforted me in this post) and boy! Can this girl climb a rope! She was just getting up there like it was nothing! Me, on the other hand, looked more like a hippo trying to inch my way up! I managed to do it 3x though and my leg lock was strong enough for me to let go of the rope a few times too! I will definitely need long pants or long socks for the next set of these as I have a minor rope burn on my right shin at the moment! 😦

My amazing friend Tracey (or was it her husband Mark? I was too focused on getting on the rope to know any better!) managed to take a few shots of me in action, trying to climb the rope

Slightly off the ground!

Slightly off the ground!

That's a little better!

That’s a little better!

How awesome is that! My 1st “action” shots from the Box! SO happy and grateful for these!

Then, it was time for the WOD. I managed 45# for the power cleans and the push presses and I think I could have done 50#, but the wall balls killed me. I stayed at 10#. Some day, I swear, I will use the 14# ball for these!

My times for each rounds were:

0:51, 0:57, 0:55, 1:03, 1:07

It was a tough one and I’m just glad I managed to keep all my rounds under the 2Β mins required! Now, I’m off to go see my tiny ballerina do her thing at dance classes!

It’s not easy being green!

As typically on Fridays, it was a challenge waking up at 0500 to go to the 0600 Crossfit class, but I made it anyway. I still looked like I had my pillow in my face when I showed up to the box, but to my amazement, we were 14 for the 06000 class! We totally rocked the morning WOD too! πŸ™‚

Actually, it was my 1st shot at Wallup workout and as discussed in this post, I chose to decrease the bands to assist me in my pull-ups. During the Skill section, I 1st tried with a green and red band, but I still felt like my chin was flying over the bar, therefore, I removed the red band and proceeded to do y pull-ups with the green band alone. I managed to do 4 kipping pull-ups in a row so I figured I would stay at that for the WOD.

I was going to do the TG and do 3 rounds of 12 wall balls (10#) and do 8 pull-up, but during after the 3rd round of the WOD, I felt like I still had some gas in me, so I went in for a 4th round! I finished with a time of 6:35 and did all my pull-ups on the green band! I’m so proud! Not to mention that Coach Caleb also noticed I “graduated” to the green band πŸ™‚

After the WOD, Tracey (Coach Caleb’s mom) came to me and said that Mark (her husband and COach Caleb’s dad. They also come to Crossfit at our Box. I guess they keep it in the family! πŸ™‚ ) was impressed at how determined I was. That brought me to tears! Mark and I had been paired off together for the last two team WODs and I felt like I was slowing him down, so it was nice to hear he noticed I’m really pushing myself. I guess I see my time at the box as my one opportunity in the day to better myself so, heck yeah, I’m gonna push myself! Anyway, I left the box sobbing tears of joy at Tracey and Mark’s comments and kindness. Can you tell I don’t interact with adults much? LOL!

It was still a bit dark outside when I came back home and the fog was slightly rolling in from the ocean. I could also hear the fog horn blowing. The street was quiet and I took a selfie to celebrate my “graduation” to the green band!

Wearing my green hoodie to celebrate my green band. Kiddin', that was just coincidence :)

Wearing my green hoodie to celebrate my green band. Kiddin’, that was just coincidence πŸ™‚

Cuddling to snotty stuffy nose

Cuddling to snotty stuffy nose

The house was completely silent when I walked in, but Rina heard me and came to greet me in the bathroom as I was washing my face. Poor thing came back from her 2nd day of pre-school yesterday shivering and with a runny nose. I knew what was coming: snot fest and stuffy nose. She has a low-grade fever today so it will be Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, fluids for her today. I will also go see if I can get some Kids 0-9 upon a friend’s suggestion. I’m glad Ben will be home until mid-afternoon until he has to leave for a tournament at the squash club. Maybe I’ll be able to run my errands kid-free! πŸ™‚