Gearing Up

Last night, Listen Linda posted on her Instagram that she was on the eve of her Whole30 and, just like that, it got my wheels spinning. I took a long hard look at the past couple of weeks of my eating habits and, without going into details, let me just say it hasn’t been stellar. Way more processed food than I’d like to admit to and the sugar has crept back in with a vengeance.

What did I do? I looked online for info about the Whole30, downloaded the Whole30 book from Amazon and am currently in the process of reading it. Why? Because I plan on starting my Whole30 on June 15. That’s why! What do you say? Wanna join me in cleaning up your eating habits?

After all that reading, I was happy to meet up with my fellow fit friends for a WOD in the park. Since we have just moved to our current (temporary) location yesterday, the gym isn’t yet set-up and we decided to take all this fun outside. We only had to dodge a very vicious crow a few times (I swear, it flew about a foot away from my head and Coach Brandon’s head as well). I got there bright and early and we unloaded the Vanna (she’s white and it’s a van) with equipment ready for us to use: Erg, KB and bands (for the pull-ups). I have to admit, it was comical watching Coach Brandon logging the erg, but you gotta do what you gotta do in the name of Crossfit!

No better way to start my day!

No better way to start my day!

We set up shop next to the stairs by Cecelia Ravine Park. Luckily for us, there even was a pull-up bar waiting to be abused.. I was actually stoked to see it had different height levels and I wouldn’t need anything to step onto in order to reach the bar! Yay! I teamed up with Lara and Linda and we were off!

WOD: Park Station Rotation

I started us off on the erg and we each rotated for about 1min on it. Then we tackled our 1st stairs. We managed 11 climb-ups between the 3 of us. Off to the pull-ups next. I was using the red and blue bands with Lara and Linda was using the red band only. I really should have used the red and purple seeing as I could easily do 5-6 reps in a row whereas my teammates were doing 3-4. Yep, sand-bagged this one! Although, in my defence, adding the purple band would have added to the mess of bands in our faces… Excuses, I know!

Next were the taters and I thought I should use a 26# (same as my teammates), but then found out it was almost too easy to do my 10 reps (we switched after every 10). Sand-bagged this one as well! Oh well, apparently, I don’t do enough of this, otherwise I would know to use heavier KB! 😉

Saw this today and it made me laugh!

Saw this today and it made me laugh!

Then we were back on the erg. I was way slower on this round, but Linda just demolished it! She also kept it up on the stairs, managing to do 4 climbs while Lara and myself did only 3. We finished off the pull-ups and the KB under the inquisitive eye of a passer-by who stopped to watch us work and asked Coach Brandon some questions. I did the math at the end to tally our score and we finished with 373. Not too bad for a bunch of BAM ladies! 😉

I came back home to do the usual cleaning and laundry and here’s what I had to deal with:

Intricate love art

Intricate love art

The above is Rina’s art on her chalkboard in her room. She’s been practicing drawing hearts and when she’s done, she kisses the board!

Then, there was also this:

Wish I had this much fun at the other end!

Wish I had this much fun at the other end!

Béatrice has been doing this since she was a baby. She stands above the air vent on top of the vacuum and loves to have the wind blow in her face!

Now, I am anxiously awaiting the Nanny so I can go nap before my night shift! Don’t forget to join me on my Whole30!

A WOD In The Park

I needed to get a second WOD under my skin before heading back to work tomorrow and I had been thinking about getting it done since last Friday, but I let life (and rain) get in my way. I finally decided on the Road WOD 6 from myWod App last night so I could do it indoors (in case it rained some more) or outdoors. I got up early with the girls this morning, got our morning routine done and out of the way before the clouds opened up (the days is still very cloudy, but no rain so far) and headed over to the Pink Elephant Park (as Rina refers to it)! My upstairs neighbour didn’t show up (she was still sleeping when I left)!

I really wanted to do 4 rounds of this WOD and incorporate 400m runs with each rounds, but I didn’t feel like I could be so far from the girls. The park is surrounded by busy streets and I didn’t trust Béatrice not to dash in the streets while I was doing a run. I instead I chose to do the WOD almost RX, modifying the sit-ups for park bench jumps (I didn’t feel like lying on my back on a hard trail full of hard little pebbles).

Easter WOD in the park

Easter WOD in the park


There weren’t too many people out and about and I was glad for that as I don’t like to “give a show” when I work out. When we go to the park closer to home, there usually is nobody this early in the morning and the park is surrounded by tall bushes and residential homes, so not many spectators.

Rina and Béatrice provided cheers for the first few rounds (Rina tried to do push-ups with me and was counting my reps: 6-4-12-8-7, according to her math skills 🙂 while Béatrice attempted to copy my squats for a few reps before heading on over to the slide). The last 2 rounds were slower as I had to keep an eye on Béa (she was starting to wander further away and closer to the street) and a stranger stopped by to have the following conversation with me

Stranger: It hurts just looking at you!

Me: That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Stranger: My philosophy is “no pain, no pain”!

Me: Ha!

Stranger: Could I just give you one piece of advice, don’t bounce so much when you sit in your squat. Take the time to sit in it and then come back up. I wouldn’t want to see you pull a muscle or something

Me: (smiling and nodding) yes, uhuh, sure, ok, yep!

All the while I was thinking, you’re not supposed to pause at the bottom of your squat, but be nice to this man who probably means well and hopefully hasn’t been checking my butt while I was squatting away.

Oh well, another one for the books! I will be putting the girls to bed for a quick nap after we leave some carrots for the Easter Bunny and then, we’ll go on an Easter Egg Hunt when they get up!

Happy Easter everyone!