I woke up at 0530 and my first thought was “Ahhh! It’s nice to sleep in!” I was always a morning person, but this is ridiculous! I guess I have my 0600 Crossfit class and being a mother of 2 girls under 3 years old to blame for this! 😉 Oh well, I’m awake now, might as well go shower and start this day!

Thank You!

A quick “Thank You” to everyone who has left very supportive and positive comments on my last post (whether on here or on Facebook). So far, I haven’t had to delete any comments! 😉 Your kind words mean a lot and although I was extremely nervous about posting the comparison picture on here, I feel better about it now. It’s my way of remaining true to myself and whoever else is reading me. Thanks again! I feel the love! 


  • My blog is under attack… Spam comments attack I mean. I get over 50/day. Annoying to have to delete all of them. Anybody knows how to prevent this from happening?
  • My kitchen is under attack… Fruit flies galore. I have had a bowl of apple cider vinegar out for 24hrs and although they have all gathered on the rim of the bowl, they are not actually drowning in it. I’ll give the bowl another 24hrs, but that’s as long as I’m willing to tolerate the smell…
  • Rina staring at a picture of a beautiful and graceful ballerina at the store today while we were shopping for her ballet outfit:

Beau-ti-ful ballerina! Beau-ti-ful like mama!

Thanks honey, I haven’t been graceful or skinny like the picture since, well, my days as a ballet dancer, but I’ll take your compliment!

  • Rina in the bathtub, pretending to wash Béatrice:

I wash you Béa. You my pony!

I wonder what goes through her head sometimes…

  • Folding laundry this afternoon, I couldn’t help to smell my hubby’s t-shirt. They smell like him and make me miss him that much more. He’s only gone for the weekend, but I find myself missing him lots. I think I might have to snuggle to one of his t-shirts tonight when I go to bed!
  • I finally feel like I have my sh** together. The girls and I have a routine somewhat established and it seems to be working out well lately. It only took nine months!
  • Putting Béatrice down for her nap this afternoon, I was hugging her and she hugged me back. At that precise moment, I realized she wasn’t a baby anymore and I found myself missing holding a newborn for only a second, but it was such a powerful realization, I felt like crying. I’m also very aware how contradicting the last two tidbits are to one another.
  • I killed a giant spider at the box today. That MOFO got no pity from me and it wasn’t going to attack me mid-WOD either! No regrets!
  • Saw this on the Box’s Facebook page today and it made me laugh it’s so true:
I know the feeling too well!

I know the feeling too well!

  • It’s raining and there’s a chill in the air. Almost enough to make a fire in the fireplace, but we don’t have any wood yet (the landlord hasn’t ordered it yet for the winter). I guess I’ll have to curl up under my Cozy Ocean Blanket.
  • I miss my Ben. Did I mention that, already? Well, I do. Babe, I love you and I miss you. See you Sunday!