Rina-Ism #6

Rina has the day off from school today. However, as I get breakfast ready, she’s playing and pretending to get ready for school.

Rina: “Bye Maman! Bonne journée”

Me: “Bye love, have a good day!”


A few minutes later, she comes back…

Rina: “Hi Mom! I’m back!”

Me: “Oh good! How was your day love?”
Rina: “Good! I didn’t die!”

Perspective is everything and this kiddo has it right! Every day you come home alive is a good day! Bahaha!


Overheard in our house last night, as I stepped out of the shower after work:

Ben: Wow! Look at your short hair! When did you get that done? Looks good honey!

Me: … I got it cut on Monday

Ben: … I guess it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other! It’s been a crazy week!


I missed you too my love and I’m glad we get to spend the day together before my night shift! <3!

Proud Mommy Moment

It’s dinnertime.

Amongst other things, the girls have homemade roasted pumpkin seeds on their plates (they are crazy for them). I have shared the last of our lot between the two of them. Béa finishes hers and asks Rina in her broken english:

Béa: Mina (that’s how she says Rina) share with me?

Rina, splitting her loot with her sister: Before I give you some, what do you say?

Béa: Peas! (Please)

Rina: And now, what do you say BeZU?

Béa: Thank you Mina.


We are still working hard on Rina’s please and thank you’s, but it looks like she’ll be helping out with Béa’s! 🙂

6 AM Conversation With Rina

Rina: So Mommy? How’s work?

Me: Good! It’s busy

R: What do you do?

Me: I take care of little babies

R: What happened to them?

Me: They are sick so mommy takes care of them.

R: What do you do?

Me: I change their diapers, I give them medications, I give them bottles and I wrap them up in warm blankets.

R: You forgot to put their pyjamas on!

Me: You’re right! Mama’s silly!

R: I go tell Daddy what you do with the babies.


If only my days were that simple at work! 😉