You know how some people use FML when something goes wrong in their lives? Well, How about we change that to AML? What does AML stand for you ask? Airdyne My Life. Seriously. Let’s be honest here, the Airdyne is way worst than the F-word. I also think it should become a new swear word. I’m starting a new trend, who’s with me?

My thoughts, exactly!

My thoughts, exactly!

I went to bed after passing out on the couch at 9 pm last night and had a somewhat decent sleep when I woke up this morning. My shins were in pain from the box jumps and all my DUs practice. Hello shin splints, I didn’t miss you when you weren’t there and now that you’re back, I’m not enjoying your company at all. AML!

Here’s what was awaiting me at the Box:


WOD: Rowed Under

Of course, I would be part of the only team on the Airdyne because we don’t have enough Ergs. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I sat on the Erg, it’s been that long since I’ve rowed. Because we were on the ‘dyne, we each had to do 8 intervals of 0.3mi on it in order to get the equivalent work done as all the rest of the people on the Ergs. My right quad kept seizing up and I kept having to massage it when my partners were pushing on the bike. I was not looking forward to doing DUs after. My shins are so sore already. I decided to scale down to FG2 for the DUs because of the pain and did all my rounds at 5 DUs followed by 15 single skips. The max I managed to string in a row was 2. I was teamed up with Neil and Tracey. I started the interval and they would go second. We made it under the time cap and finished in 24:43

Whipped elbow, I'll spare you a picture of my whipped butt. You're welcome!

Whipped elbow, I’ll spare you a picture of my whipped butt. You’re welcome!

I wasn’t disappointed because I was trying to forget about the shin pain. I will definitely ice my legs when the girls go for a nap.

I feel so low in energy, it’s annoying. I’m on phase 2 of my Fast Metabolism Diet which means it’s meat and veggie day. Only meat and veggies for 2 days, no fat, no carbs. I will be making a batch of the garden meatballs and will have that on a bed of zoodles (zucchini noodles) tonight. Can’t wait! Sometimes, I feel like my days are filled with laundry and cooking only. Although, I have to admit that I would rather be at home to do said laundry and cooking instead of being at work. It’s just that I feel rushed on my days off to do all this housekeeping, just to get back to work. Sometimes, I long for a day off. A real day off. Do moms ever get a real day off? If so, I’d like to know how they manage it all!

Bleh! I’m tired and whiney. Sorry, not the best post, but a real one!

Yep! Tomorrow will hopefully be better!

Yep! Tomorrow will hopefully be better!

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