Jan 17, 2011: Our 1st “hike” together!

Hello Rina!

Today started out to be a beautiful sunny day and this Babymama wanted to go take a hike, literally! At first, I was thinking of going to Thetis Lake, but then I thought otherwise seeing as Thetis has some big hills to climb for me who is so out of shape and also because it was our 1st outing in your new baby carrier, the ERGO Performance and infant insert. I’ve been slowly introducing you to it, carrying you around the house for gradually longer periods of time so you’ll get used to the new carrier. It has grown on you, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have to cut my walk short in case you got uncomfortable, so I decided to go around Swan Lake instead because it is much closer to home. I also chose to wear my Sockwas as I wanted to see if I could tolerate minimalist footwear on the rocky, bumpy, muddy path. Some of the path was actually flooded and walkers/joggers were detoured on surrounding streets.

The boardwalk across the lake was flooded 😦
The regular trail was flooded in some spots.


Still, we managed to have some fun around the lake:

A duck party!
The sun made an appearance!
Walking in the sun


I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the ERGO. We were out for about 1 hr and I didn’t feel any discomfort carrying you around. As for you, you remained peacefully asleep in the infant insert for the entire duration of our outing, so I guess you were comfortable! 🙂

I was also very surprised to see how well the Sockwas performed. Although I don’t think they’re meant to be used in muddy and wet conditions, My feet were only slightly wet by the end of our stroll (I was avoiding the bigger puddles) and I managed to keep considerable traction on the trail (except for when it was really muddy).

My Sockwas on the muddy trail


It was also nice to be able to feel the ground under my feet, but not be wet or cold. I could feel the change in the terrain from the packed dirt, to pebbles, mud, asphalt (when I got diverted to the street) and mud. It felt good through the entire walk and I never once hurt my feet.

Overall, it was a perfect outing and I think next time I will be a bit braver and chance our luck around Thetis Lake!


The water level was high
Happy Mommy with sleeping baby!

Upon our return home, We hopped in the car and returned the breast pump to the pharmacy from which we were renting it. My days of breastfeeding and expressing breast milk are now officially over and although I am still sad that I wasn’t able to do it for longer, I am accepting it. It just wasn’t in the cards for us this time. Who knows what the future has for us. Maybe we’ll have another child and maybe breastfeeding will be easy next time. I did the best I could this time around and that’s all I can ask of myself… Letting go of my own dreams and my own expectations for myself for good…


Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “Jan 17, 2011: Our 1st “hike” together!

  1. Yay! I am glad you found a carrier that works for you and Rina! Alexis and I missed the sun today 😦 but Lily enjoyed herself. We would love to try Thetis Lake with you!!

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