Sweet Rina,

Today, after we were done with our morning running around, I decided to take you for a walk around the golf course. Every time I walk by “our tree”, I think of that day, a little over a year ago when your Dad and I officially united our lives.

Saying "I do" under "our tree"!

I hope they never cut down that tree so you can also be reminded of where we became a family. After a quick stop to say hello to your Dad, we were back on the trail and heading for THE hill. I took my time pushing you in the stroller and managed to make it up THE hill without stopping! šŸ˜‰ Once at the top, I caught up with a man who was walking his dog and he turned around and said: “Now, you must be in really good shape!” It made me laugh as I haven’t thought of myself as “in shape” for a long time now! I guess I am fitter than I thought. I replied: “I don’t know if I’m in good shape, but I’m trying to be!”

I’m in my 3rd week of eating a Nutritarian diet and so far, I’m down 6lbs. I’m losing the weight a lot slower than some other people, but I don’t care, at least, I’m losing some. And I haven’t had heartburn or reflux during those 3 weeks. Big bonus, if you ask me!

I hope that teeth you’ve been working on for the past 4-5 days will come out soon as you are so sad to look at: you won’t nap during the day, therefore, you look exhausted all the time and constantly have a finger (or two, or five) in your mouth. Because you’re so tired, you are weepy and cry a lot more than you normally do. I just feel so bad for you because other than Anbesol and Ibuprofen, there isn’t much I can do to help you šŸ˜¦

At least, you manage to get some rest at night. Sleep well, my lovely girl.

Mom & Dad Xxo

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