Crossfit -1

So… Here I am, a 35 year-old mother of 2 beautiful darling girls and wife to a wonderful husband. However, I feel a bit “unfit” and my BMI indicates that I’m overweight and close to being obese. As a family, we hike a lot and I want to be able to carry our daughters on my back when we go on hikes. Something tells me I won’t be able to do so if I’m overweight… Hence the decision to try out an onramp class (introductory class) at Crossfit Vic City.
Here’s what I know about Crossfit:
1. I will be in pain
2. I probably won’t like it
3. It will (hopefully) get me strong and fit
My 1st class is tomorrow and although the thought of going to my class scares the living poop (notice I used poop and not crap… hangin’ out with the kiddos too much!) outta me, I’m also a bit excited about it. The Onramp will last 3 weeks (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings) and I’m hoping that I won’t get too discouraged to join the Box (what the Crossfit gyms are called) after the Onramp. Please stick around and come back to read all about my new adventures!

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