Sweatin’ It Up!

Two nights ago, Béa played her little game of “I’m gonna cry throughout the night until someone comes to pick me up and I can then join them in bed.” Let’s just say I didn’t have a very good night with having little toes poking my legs (she can really dig in with those) and little fingers stroking my neck and cheeks. Not to mention her wanting to play at 0130. Yeah, no, not having any of that. Last night, as soon as I put her to bed, she started that little crying game again. I went up to see her and was very firm with her:

It’s time for bed, you need to sleep in your bed tonight. You’re tired and Maman is tired too and you need to go to sleep. Good night, I love you.

I was gearing up to let her cry it out. She is old enough now that we can let her do that. She wasn’t in any pain, didn’t need anything, she was just being sneaky about wanting to sleep in our bed again and that’s not something I want to create a habit of. Our bedroom is the only place in the house where toys are not allowed and that’s the only place we can call ours. She cried for about 10 minutes before falling fast asleep for the entire night! Bliss!

I woke up at 0500 and found myself alone in bed. Ben had fallen asleep on the couch, where I found him when I came down for my snack before heading in for my lifting class this morning. I sent him upstairs and left quickly after to go lift some heavy stuff and put it back down! 😉

We were repeating what we did 2 weeks ago, with the aim of finishing at 5-10# heavier than what we had previously done.

Power Snatch + 2 OHS x6

I had previously maxed out at 55#. My goal today was 60 or 65# and considering my current 1RM is 60#, I felt a little nervous, but Coach Caleb felt confident, so I just got to work. Here were my reps:


My last rep was ugly. I have a hard time keeping the bar on my thighs and I pretty much press it overhead. I need to dip more under the bar. I’m pretty sure I know where this stems from too: I keep thinking that since it’s a power snatch,, I should be dipping too much in order not to receive the bar in a full squat, but I need to dip lower than just a measly knee bend. More stuff to work on! 🙂

Squat Clean Thrusters 5X5 E3M

Same goal here! Coach Caleb wanted us to increase weights with the goal of finishing up at 5-10# heavier than 2 weeks ago. I had previously done 55#-60#-65#-65#-65#, so my goal was to finish at 70# or 75#. Again, I was working on keeping the bar on my thighs and securing a better hook grip. Coach Caleb noticed that my grip was pretty much useless and he got me to focus on hooking just my index finger over my thumb. Here were my reps:


My 4th set was sooo bad! I fell on my butt on my 4th rep because I just crumpled in the squat. I think I may have tweaked my left ankle as well, so I’ll make sure to ice it later today when the girls are in their nap/quiet time. I reset for the 5th set and did better, but it was still a struggle! I was dripping sweat after this! The weather has been very mild and we are expected to hit 15°C today. Perfect weather to take the girls on a walk to the playground, but that also means it’s getting hotter in the gym. Soon, I might have to start wearing shorts again!

I came back home to a pretty exciting Facebook message from a friend, but I can’t really share more for now… You’ll have to keep reading to see if anything comes out of it. I would be thrilled if it did though! 😉

I’ll leave you with a shameless selfie of Béa and I. She wanted to share her princess necklace with me!

Displaying her best "Cheese" face!

Displaying her best “Cheese” face!

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