New Year’s Eve!

I was dog tired last night. So much so that I think I fell asleep on the couch around 2000, woke up around 2200 only to drag my butt upstairs and crash into bed. On cue, I was awake, yet again, at 0400. I tried in vain to fall back asleep, but in the end, I got up and got ready for the WOD.

Another "different" wod - combine all the reps from each of the exercises to get your total score!  You may start at different stations than is listed below if the class is large. Enjoy!!

Part 1:  3 minutes of Back Squats @ 105/155 - please be safe with this, know how to escape if you need to and break the 3 minutes into sets!
Rest 3 min
Part 2:  3 minutes of 2 wall walks (controlled descent), 8 ttb
Rest 3 min
Part 3:  3 minutes of rope climbs
Rest 3 min
Part 4:  3 minutes of Taters (35/53)

TG:  2 min at each station, rest remainder of time.  Scale all weights as needed, lying rope climbs
FG:  scale bar weight to 65/95, taters to 26/44, lying rope climbs

FG2: scale bar weight to 85/115

I was happy we managed to beg for get a 0600 class coached by Caileigh. I had a ton of housecleaning to do and having to go at 0930 would have dragged on the cleaning until much later in the day (I really despise cleaning the house). For the WODs, I did a mix of FG+ with some Rx. Here’s what I did

Part 1: I did all the back squats Rx at 105#. I managed 23 reps in the 3 minutes allowed and I realized only after I was done that I should have worn my lifting shoes for this one. Oh well…

Part 2: I did this one FG since I can’t do a TTB. I did knees to elbows and managed 21 reps for this one.

Part 3: I did all my reps as lying rope climbs and managed 11 reps. Those were very unpleasant and I need to work on my rope climbs in the coming year (amongst other things).

Part 4: I did all my taters at 35# and even managed the proper swing of the KB. No more modifying swing for this Mama! I managed 28 reps of these.

Grand total score of 83. Meh! I wasn’t very pleased with my score, but it’s still much better than if I had stayed in bed this morning! 😉

I came back home, made breakfast and tackled the cleaning. I was lucky to have some tremendous helpers (Ben) and some, not so tremendous ones (Rina and Béatrice). It took us a good 3hrs to get the house completely clean and I am now waiting to fold the last load of laundry. I am pooped and will wish you all a very Happy New Year right now, because chances are, I’ll be drooling on the couch again at 2000 tonight! Be safe if you party it up!

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