One Last Time

I got up yesterday morning, rolled over to turn my alarm off and considering that everything was hurting on my little body, I chose to just roll over and “sleep in”. I could barely walk from all the wallballs on Wednesday, let alone pick-up the girls (thanks rope climb practice), so I chose to rest. I did make it in this morning though because it was a special one.

Since our Box is moving to a new, yet undisclosed, location, it was the last time I would WOD with my 0600 crew at the location that has seen me go from couch potato to semi-fit. I have to admit, I was a bit sad when I drove in this morning, reflecting on all the achievements I had accomplished in the past 22 months.

Most of the rubber mats have been taken away

Most of the rubber mats have been taken away

The PR wall has been taken down

The PR wall has been taken down

Where our logo used to hang

Where our logo used to hang

There were only 8 of us for the 0600 class this morning since some of our crew is in Seattle for the Regionals. Coach Brendan was filling in and he led us through this:

Skill: DUs practice

I was hoping to finally reach into the double-digits for those today and my goal was to get 10 in a row. I was super stoked when I achieved this:

New DUs PR! 16 in a row!

New DUs PR! 16 in a row!

We then paired up into teams of 4 and got ready for the WOD

WOD: Team 8K

Each partner had to row a minimum of 1km, but we decided to all do 2km and split the intervals in 4x500m. I was teamed up with David, Bo and Linda and fate would have it that I would be the last member of my team to go on the erg. That meant I had to bring us to the finish. Eww! I tried my best to keep consistent throughout, but I know I faltered. I can only remember my last round, where I managed to keep it around 2:15, then drifted off around 2:27, only to finish the last 100m at around 2:02, which brought us to a finish time of 31:26 for the entire thing. I was glad it was over. I was a sweaty mess when I was done!

Photo 2015-05-29, 7 17 23 AM

I rushed home to get the girls ready in order to drop Rina off to school. Since Ben had a work thing early today, that meant I was on driving duty as well as groceries, laundry and cooking. It was a whirlwind morning and now, I’m watching the Regionals Team Events I missed this morning, with my feet comfortably up on the couch!

Tonight, I get to dress up and be proud of my man as he receives an award for viaSPORT British Columbia Regional/Provincial Coach of the Year Award! Pretty proud of my man and to see all his hard work pay off! Can’t wait to celebrate him (and have a pretend date-night)!

Applying Crossfit Principles In Your Everyday Life

Sorry about being MIA lately, it’s been slightly chaotic between being at work and moving to our first house!

I finished work yesterday morning and slept for 4hrs before I tackled unpacking the bathroom, linen closet and our master bedroom. It took me a long time to unpack and refold everything, but I finally got it done around 1900, just in time to put the girls to bed for the night. To say I was done for the day is an understatement.

We woke up early (thank you skylights without any blinds) and got to moving our furniture outside of our bedroom so the carpet cleaner would have ample room to do his job upstairs. The carpets are pretty cruddy and I’m hopeful he’ll be able to get the back in shape.

While we were moving furniture around, I managed to move both of my tallboy by myself. I had removed the drawers to make them lighter and then braced my core, picked them up in a front rack position with my arms folded and moved them to the room we are keeping empty until we are done painting (it will become Rina’s room once we’re done). Then, it was onto the tall dresser. We tilted it down and both Ben and I grabbed onto it and moved it quickly into the spare bedroom. Bam! Our bedroom was ready to go!

The girls’ bedroom was fairly easy. I managed to move Rina’s bed and mattress all by myself and Ben and I moved their dresser together. We didn’t bother removing the drawers out of that one and it was fairly heavy. We both went down to a deep squat, grabbed hold of the bottom of the dresser and lifted it up. I won’t lie, it was a heavy squat for me, but we managed to get it done! A year ago, I probably would have shied away from lifting all that furniture. Today, although it was somewhat challenging, I felt confident we could get everything done with both Ben and I. It just goes to show how Crossfit has helped me in my everyday life. I am now more functional and can lift much heavier than I was able to do a year ago. Winning all the way if you ask me! 🙂

Now, Ben is at work and I’ve put most of the furniture back to where it belongs by myself (except for that super tall dresser… No way I can do that one alone, cross fitter or not! I will have to do it with Ben tonight when he gets home. A quick trip to the grocery store by foot with the girls and a healthy lunch before they went down for their nap. I have folded laundry, cleaned the dishwasher so we can start using it cleaned up some more furniture and now, I will sit with my hot water bottle on my lower back while I take a break on the couch. Tomorrow should be another busy day of managing the girls while trying to unpack after an early Crossfit class. This will be my routine until we are officially done with the paint and officially moved in! 🙂

Misery Loves Company

After a crazy day at work yesterday where I was floated off my unit to go help out on MBU, I was glad I got to go home and put my girls to bed. I then tackled the very much dreaded sorting out of their toys. It took me 2 hours to sort between “keep”, “give” and “toss” piles, but I got it done! I then finally sat down and looked up the WOD online and the little bit of energy I had left simply evaporated when I read this:

Team 36

This is a team workout, based around groups of 3 people. You’ll spend 3 minutes at a rowing station, 3 minutes at an airdyne station, and repeat that sequence 6 times. Each team member will do 1 minute of work at each station and your goal is to achieve as many calories as possible in the total of the 36 minutes.

Another leg WOD and I just started to walk normally after the Bataan on Monday 😦 Better get off to bed so I have a little energy in my tank tomorrow morning.

I got up this morning and still didn’t feel like going to the Box at all, but I got dressed and made my way over nonetheless. It had been a while since I was really not feeling a WOD or going to workout for that matter. I am just completely exhausted. I guess all the stress of the home purchase and the packing for the move has finally caught up with me. Oh well, get moving BabyMama!

I’m still enjoying the mobility part of the classes and I missed the fact that we didn’t have any Skill portion today, but the WOD was 36 mins long, so might as well get started! As predicted, it was brutal. Here were my calorie counts for each rounds:

Airdyne     Row

Round 1:             13             11

Round 2:             16             14

Round 3:             12             13

Round 4:             12             13

Round 5:             11             12

Round 6:             13             14

Total calories: 154

Yep, that’s right! All this hard work so I can consume about 3 apples today! That WOD was horrible and we all looked spent once we finished. I guess it’s true what they say, Misery does love company! I’m still a firm believer that the Airdyne was invented by the devil himself as a means to torture the worst of hell’s inhabitants. However, I did notice something today., I can start to see some definition in my quads where they attach to the knee, there is even (dare I qualify it that way) a small bulge! I guess my legs are getting stronger, so, yay for big legs! If only my belly could tone up a bit. All in due time though! It took me years to put the weight and fat on so it will probably take years to take it off!

I came back home, ready for a nap. Instead, I dusted, vacuumed the apartment and cleaned the bathroom while doing laundry. Now, the girls are down for nap and I’m waiting for Nanny to get here so I can do the same before emu night at work!

Only 17 more days before we move! 🙂

No Burpees Were Done Today!

I looked up the WOD last night and shared it with my husband and his reactions was:

Well, that doesn’t look like much fun!

I was very determined to give it my best shot and after my alarm woke me up (1st time I’m not awake before my alarm in 2 weeks – Score!), I was ready to face this one head on!

Training Monday – Tuesday


Warm-up:  2 rounds – 20 jumping jacks, 10 double crunch


Mobility: 2 min stations

  • Foam roll upper back
  • Lacrosse ball shoulders
  • Samson Stretch 1min/side


Skill:  Ring Row 5 x 8, increasing difficulty each set, E2M


WOD:  Bataan

With a single KB, you will walk 900m (9th pole).  At each pole, you will perform 8 goblet squats with the KB.  If you put the KB down at any point, 10 burpees.

As you walk, rotate through these carries, switching every pole:

  • Offset Rack (both sides)
  • Suitcase Carry (both sides)
  • Front Rack
  • Back Rack

I suggest you go lighter as opposed to heavier with the KB so that you can maintain proper posture and survive the trip without putting the KB down.  Max weight – 35/53

TG:  Scale distance to 400m

FG:  Scale distance to 600m


Mobility: I absolutely love this new mobility module we have started a few weeks back. It teaches me new tools I can definitely use at home to improve on when I have a minute or two! I also worked on my planks doing 45s and 35s.

Skill: I finally managed to bring my feet right under the rings for the ring rows. They were definitely challenging and everybody else managed to either go further ahead than the rings or have their feet on boxes, but it was my 1st time being even with the rings so I was thrilled to be able to get them! 🙂

WOD: This looked easy and simple enough, but we all know that usually means we’re gonna get the bang for our bucks! This WOD was to honour the people who fought and lost their lives in the Bataan Death March. I took a 18# KB and went on my merry way. I managed to do all 900m without dropping the KB once which meant no burpees for me! It was tough. I could definitely feel those 144 KB goblin squats (I actually ended up doing 152 because I did a set of 8 at the end of my last 100m walk which we weren’t supposed to do I guess… Way to go overachiever)! You know it’s been a good WOD when you have a hard time just standing still in the shower upon returning home! 😉

We were then very fortunate to have Tracey come over to help us out with some packing. We managed to pack up most of the kitchen (keeping only things we’ll need for the next 19 days) and same with the bathroom. We only have to pack our clothes next, and sort through the girls’ toys, purge them and pack the rest.

As we are packing up this apartment, I reflect on everything we have been through here. We went from being engaged to married here. This is where we first brought our daughters home to from the hospital. We have grown closer as a couple, we became parents, we have evolved over the past 4 years. Although it hasn’t always been easy, we made it through and managed to save enough for a house.

Some things I will definitely not miss though:

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Purging, Packing and WODing


What a busy week it has been! Well, it’s official! We have bought a house! All that is left to do is close the deal at the end of the month, take possession of the house and move all our belongings before June 30th! No pressure! Let’s just say that sleep deprivation has kicked into high gear and I still don’t know how I managed to get through my last night shifts at work. I was completely exhausted and managed to line up 6hrs in a row of sleep during the day yesterday.

Our new house!

Our new house!

This morning, I really wanted to go to the BOX for a stress-relieving WOD, but I felt like my hubby wanted me to stay home and help purge/pack instead, which is what I did. I had looked up the WOD last night and I figured I could do it at home with a few modifications.

We managed to pack a grand total of 4 boxes (it ain’t easy to do with two toddlers around!) and we purged 6 huge garbage bags of clothes / shoes / yarn that we dropped off to the Salvation Army. There is a box of books and DVDs that could also go to the Sally Ann (our nickname for S.A), but I have a friend who will pick through my cookbooks before I get rid of them! 🙂

I got rid of all my maternity and breastfeeding clothes (which helps solidify our decision to not have anymore kids!) as well as all the clothes I hadn’t worn in the last year. I figured, if I didn’t wear them then, they probably don’t fit me anymore (some were too big, others, too small) or are out of style anyway! It felt good to get rid of so much clutter! Tomorrow, I plan on packing all the “fancy” dishes we keep in our hutch since we don’t use them on a daily basis as well as some other little kitchen appliances.

Once the girls were in bed for their (much needed) nap, I set up shop outside and was ready to tackle the WOD.

Ready to WOD in the grass!

Ready to WOD in the grass!

SKILL: I used dumbbells we have at home since the hubby took our KB to work (he’s a squash coach and works out between lessons). I did 5×5/arm E2M using 15# and 20# dumbbells. My reps went like this:


WOD: I can’t do unassisted strict pull-ups at the Box, and we don’t have a spot for our pull-up bar at home, so I did rubber band rows instead. I did my pushups Rx and modified the Walking Lunges for reverse walking lunges with a 20# dumbbell. I managed to get through the 5 rounds, but now I know why I don’t mind getting up at 0500 to go to the Box. It is HOT out there at 1500!!!

WODing in the sun isn't fun!

WODing in the sun isn’t fun!

Now the girls are waking up from their naps and we have a double date tonight with friends of ours who are going to give us some tips on how to be awesome landlords since our place has a suite in it! All over lovely sushis and without the kiddos! 🙂

P.S. I know I haven’t posted my Progress Update this month, but I will wait for my 1 year Crossfit Anniversary for the next update! Hopefully, it will be a good one! 🙂